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Skin oil for rosacea?

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smornintime Wed 18-Feb-15 22:48:59

So, I developed rosacea a couple of years ago and about six months back started to use oil to cleanse with. Things got a bit better. Then I started using rosehip seed oil as a topical treatment after cleansing and my skin is loads better - much less red/blotchy/pustuley...

But it's still a bit dry and now without my old moisturiser my skin is looking a bit crepey, especially around the eyes.

Can anyone suggest anything oil-wise to use as an extra moisturiser, or as a cleanser? I've been trying coconut oil lately but I'm open to other ideas.

Has anyone had success on rosacea prone skin with...Argan oil? Jojoba? Sea buckthorn? The more I read the less I know what to try next!

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