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Skin oil for rosacea?

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smornintime Wed 18-Feb-15 22:48:59

So, I developed rosacea a couple of years ago and about six months back started to use oil to cleanse with. Things got a bit better. Then I started using rosehip seed oil as a topical treatment after cleansing and my skin is loads better - much less red/blotchy/pustuley...

But it's still a bit dry and now without my old moisturiser my skin is looking a bit crepey, especially around the eyes.

Can anyone suggest anything oil-wise to use as an extra moisturiser, or as a cleanser? I've been trying coconut oil lately but I'm open to other ideas.

Has anyone had success on rosacea prone skin with...Argan oil? Jojoba? Sea buckthorn? The more I read the less I know what to try next!

alltoomuchrightnow Wed 18-Feb-15 23:07:41

ooh i'd like to know too. but my skin isn't dry . I tried jojoba oil but gave up as too heavy for my oily skin, so you might do ok on it...
I was just looking at some products today -
so sick of wasting money, am talking about you, Roche Posey/ Eucerin / Dermalogica/ etc etc. Why do so many products have green tint? it doesn't work! I end up looking green AND red! All i need is some amber, lol ;-) the red shows through the green so it's just a mottled two tone effect. so attractive hmm
I have not tried a single thing that calms down the redness. Certainly some products sit nicely on my skin and are good base for makeup. But if a product calmed down or eliminated the red, i wouldn't need makeup (or not as much)
Also, so many rosecea products are for dry skin. Not all sufferers have dry skin! anything too moisturising makes me more red.. being shiny just emphasises it.... even aggravates it...
Fed up of having to layer on foundation, concealer, powder, every day. later on more concealer, more powder..
Rosehip oil didnt help me.. too heavy. think will try nut oil next..
but i would suggest jojoba for you OP. didnt irritate me.. just too oily

MrsFlorrick Wed 18-Feb-15 23:59:13

I suffer too. Mine went from total tomato redness even when on antibiotics to pinky cheeks and a few broken veins around nosy by oil cleansing with rice bran oil (sometimes sweet almond or hazelnut oil) and using pomegranate oil (mainly for wrinkles).

So if you want something very wrinkle reducing (if there is such as thing) get pomegranate oil and using after cleansing.
Also try cleansing with rice bran oil. I find coconut oil too harsh. Rice bran oil also dissolves makeup so much better than most others.

During the day I use Dermalex for rosacea as a moisturiser it takes away the rough feeling on the skin surface ie rosacea dryness

The oils for night time and I don't wash my face in the morning in the shower just rinse with a bit of water.

MrsFlorrick Thu 19-Feb-15 00:00:56

Oh and all those French pharmacy brands that people rave about with their anti redness stuff. Ugh. My face goes tomato red and scaly with them and it literally hurts so much I couldn't sleep. Awful stuff for rosacea.

WhyHasTheGinGone Thu 19-Feb-15 00:15:44

I cleanse with 1:2 parts castor and apricot kernel oil then either slap on a bit more apricot oil or use a YSL moisturiser when I'm feeling really dry. The oil blend has been really effective and soothing so far! I found coconut oil gave me breakouts.

toast22 Thu 19-Feb-15 08:47:46

I have rosacea too, I only heard of oil cleansing a few days ago and have been trying it with bio oil (as I had some) and have been surprised that it hasn't made me super greasy or spotty.

I'm almost out of bio oil so think I'll try rice bran oil, possibly a silly question but just googled rice bran oil and its £2 in the cooking oil section of asda, is that the kind you use?

BallroomWithNoBalls Thu 19-Feb-15 12:25:29

You need to deliver water as well as oil to your skin OP. Moisturising creams and lotions are basically emulsions of oil and water. So keep using the oils that work for you, but you need to layer them with either a moisturiser or a serum, or hydrating toner, something that will provide water to your skin as well as the oil.

AbsintheMakesTheHeart Thu 19-Feb-15 13:15:29

Can anyone advise on the best way to remove oil after cleansing? I used to love the OCM in my pre-rosacea days, but then I would remove it with a good buff with a really hot muslin cloth. Can you still do the job gently and with cool water?

MoustacheofRonSwanson Thu 19-Feb-15 15:47:48

I mix jojoba with rosehip and add a fewd drops of rose otto for a moisturiser, use a mix of avocado & olive oils with a few drops of carrot seed for oil cleansing method. When I need to add some oomph to the moisturiser I add some camellia oil. Chanel put it is a lot of things. Shea is great but a bit too heavy for the face unless you melt it together with coconut oil, then it's good as a moisturising mask occasionally. HTH.

By the way, some people think rosacea is linked to SIBO. I've found my rosacea improved after a course of Candex and oregano oil, followed a course of Prescript Assist probiotics.

tinysleepy Thu 19-Feb-15 18:43:55

Cetaphil cleanser washed of with flannel & water
Cetaphil moisturiser
Estée Lauder double wear foundation
Skin has gone from angry, red, can't go out without layers of foundation - to cool, calm and hardly even pink.
I have spent thousands on skincare & the above has been best combo for mesmile

Branleuse Thu 19-Feb-15 18:45:30

neals yard rose beauty balm

smornintime Thu 19-Feb-15 20:53:36

Ha toast22 I started with left over bio-oil too! Then I thought maybe there was something a bit nicer out there and started trying other things. I don't think I was as dry with that but the rosehip seed oil is definitely the thing that has reduced my redness. I'm much less self-conscious about my face now and don't wear make-up much.

Ballromwithnoballs I have more or less ditched all the moisturisers I had before, ditto cleansers and toners, because they were making the pustules worse. Somebody mentioned Cetaphil? I think I have heard of that on the rosacea topic before - would that be worth a try?

Branleuse I actually have some Neal's Yard balm and have used it a bit but it didn't seem to tackle my dry issue too well (annoying given the price).

MrsFlorrick Thu 19-Feb-15 21:32:28

Someone mentioned toner. Avoid avoid avoid unless you want an angry tomato face. Not good for rosacea.

And yes you can use the good grade rice bran oil. You can also splash out and buy posh rice bran oil from Akamuti or Fushi.

Fwiw. I only need the extra day time moisture from the Dermalex cream during the winter. I only use oil at night in the summer and mineral make up as sunscreen.

There are toners labelled for rosacea but those make my face red and sore. Cetaphil is awful. A collection of dubious chemicals. I tried it for 3 months about 5 years ago and my face didn't initially react but over time I developed more redness and broken veins. Their stuff is recommended by dermatologists. I honestly can't understand why.

BallroomWithNoBalls Thu 19-Feb-15 21:53:24

A hydrating toner will be good for rosacea - you are probably thinking of old style alcohol based toners designed to clean off residue from cream cleansers. A good hydrating toner is Shu Uemura 'moisturizing lotion' it is soothing and lovely.

whatswrongnow Thu 19-Feb-15 22:09:46

Help,please, sorry for high jacking your thread . I've got a really bad break out at the minute. I know I need to go to the docs but he was so dismissive of it last time ( it's just spots and redness) I really would like to be able to tell him what I want. I've redness on both cheeks and forehead and spots as well . Any advice please

avagosling Fri 20-Feb-15 10:30:12

Moringa oil is brilliant for rosacea, soothing and moisturizing, but not too heavy. I get it from Fushi

smornintime Fri 20-Feb-15 10:42:32

Ah, I was meaning to ask what you do for sunscreen! My moisturiser had SPF25 - but now I can't use it every day I'm not sure what to try. I've not worried about it so much over the winter but I'd like to have a plan for summer! It needs to be easy for me - I struggle to make time for make-up but I could probably manage a base layer or primer or something...?

smornintime Fri 20-Feb-15 10:46:12

whatswrongnow I don't think I have enough knowledge or experience to be much help. I do sympathise though, my doctor was willing enough to give me antibiotics but I never felt that they did much. The attitude seemed to be "well here, this is all you can hope for" and looking back I think my worst breakouts probably weren't all that bad by some standards.
Like I said earlier the most effective thing I have found so far has been rosehip seed oil (found in Holland & Barrett)

whatswrongnow Fri 20-Feb-15 13:00:36

#smornintime# thanks for your reply. its not so bad this morning. Water seems to irritate it some days smile Last time i went in he just gave me a gel to use so at least i can say what i would like to try, thanks.

smornintime Sat 18-Apr-15 20:21:08

Don't know if anyone will still be interested... I have been spending at Fushi! I have had a few weeks using calendula oil and it is far more successful than the coconut - no more never-ending chin spots for one thing! As long as I remember to use a little as moisturiser I don't need any creams. Only thing is that I still need the rosehip seed oil for the redness.

That said, I have tonight had a go with moringa seed oil and will try that for a couple of weeks to compare with the smells a bit weird though..? Not massively unpleasant - but it reminds me a bit of ... dog!? Anyone else tried moringa and thought the same? avagosling?

LeoandBoosmum Sun 19-Apr-15 00:03:04

I have awful rosacea and this oil is great. It has to be ordered from the US but the seller makes it from scratch to order and makes mine without added essential oils (I use it as a treatment to moisturise, not to cleanse). It's not a cheap oil but it helps immensely and a little goes a long way!:
I think she sells sample sizes for $5 so you can try first (I got one of these and maybe she still does them).

smornintime Sun 19-Apr-15 08:18:57

Hmm, that's interesting. I hadn't come across that one. I might keep it in mind for when I've exhausted my current options! As for the price - I think you get to a point where that doesn't matter any more because either you've tried everything else you can think of you're getting desperate! Or both, to be fair.

lovetomatoes Sun 19-Apr-15 15:12:05

This is going to sound weird so bear with me.
I suffered from rosacea for five years. It came on fairly suddenly and never totally went away. Red skin, angry bumps, blepharitis - all of it. The spots would clear up when I took the anti-biotics but they made my skin hypersensitive to the sun and it still didn't feel healthy. Fish oil and Evening Primrose Oil did help a bit. The gluten-free diet was inconclusive and a pain to stick to, so that didn't last long.
At the moment it seems to be gone. I'm nearly afraid to type those words in case it comes back to bite me. The only thing I've changed is the car. Around the time the rosacea started I bought a brand-new car, which I've just traded in but for a second-car of a different model from the same manufacturer. I'm not taking any medication and haven't changed my skincare or my diet but my skin hasn't looked or felt this good in five years.
It could be something else eg hormonal changes, or it could be just a fluke. This is unlikely to be an answer for many people but it might be worth considering if the start of your rosacea coincided with any similar purchases. In all my reading and internet research I never came across anything about a link between cars and rosacea but it seems to have been the trigger for me.

smornintime Sun 19-Apr-15 20:22:16

That does sound odd! Maybe there was some treatment or other in the upholstery that you reacted to? I have been trying to think of things we changed - the only things I can think of are moving house (not planning to do that in a hurry!) or going back to work in a refurbished office (stuck with that for now). I think both of these were a little while before my rosacea kicked in but I couldn't swear to it since I can't really remember when I first noticed it. It was a little while after that I went to the doctor about it.
Interesting idea though, that it could be the environment you're in that's the trigger.

smornintime Sat 25-Apr-15 09:50:04

I don't care what it smells like (got used to it a bit anyway) , the moringa is doing something right! I hope I'm not jinxing it and I've only been using it about 5 days but my dry patches are better and the red is better...and I haven't felt the need to use anything else at the same time smile

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