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How to kick start an 'overhaul'

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lastnightiwenttomanderley Tue 17-Feb-15 13:42:57

I'm a petite 30 year old. From the waist down I have a good (in my opinion) figure - not super skinny, but slim & gently curvy. I am 9 weeks pregnant though, so we'll have to see how that goes!

My problem is what happens from the neck up. I am not happy with the way I look at all. I've got dark hair and a classic pale complexion, with gold/green eyes from my indian roots. The component parts I like but I just seem to be looking a bit unkempt, a bit tired and generally not as 'fresh' as I would like. This is probably not helped by having some awful passport photos taken yesterday.

I've been working a lot recently and, to be honest, probably neglected myself. I need to get a lot more moisture into my skin and just put a bit more effort into how I look.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can haul myself out of this rut? I feel like I need 'something' to get me back to where I want to be but not sure what that is or how to go about it.

marymcb Tue 17-Feb-15 15:25:04

I suggest taking a little bit of time each day to make yourself feel good.

Start with getting a haircut/restyle, this is one of the best places to spend some real money and if you go to a good salon they will advise you on what will suit you.

After that, most things have a DIY version or a salon version, i.e. start doing a facial once a week (at home; exfoliate, scrub, steam, mask, moisturise, or in a salon). Consider visiting a make up counter and ask advice on colours of foundation and eye shadow, etc.

I would also suggest trying to get out for a brisk walk each day, 20 minutes of fresh air can do wonders for your complexion and generally how you feel about yourself.

lastnightiwenttomanderley Tue 17-Feb-15 16:09:03

Thanks mary. I used to have shorter hair and religiously carted myself off to Charles Worthington every six weeks for a trim but now have long hair and just seem to have fallen out of the habit. Am going to try and book myself in for a bit of a re-jig this week.

The 'getting out' idea is a good one - it's hard at the moment leaving the house in the dark and getting back home in the dark so think I will try and get out of the office over lunch.

Rinkydinkypink Tue 17-Feb-15 16:49:50

Hair is very important! Consider a warning colour if your pale to lift the tiredness.

Good skin goes a very long way!
Cleanse and moisturise twice a day, really well at night. Nivea blue pot is a great facial night cream and ridiculously cheap.

During the day add blusher and a natural lip colour. It makes you look healthy even when your not.

Drink water, lots of water. Get as much rest as possible and get yourself outdoors in the fresh air. Reduce your sugar, alcohol and processed food intake and start to feed your body properly.

Make time for you! If you feel good your going to look good!

lastnightiwenttomanderley Tue 17-Feb-15 17:04:33

Think I need a richer colour. My hair used to be a very deep rich brown but has recently gone a bit mousy which I think is washing me out.

Do moisturise - use Bobbi Brown and trilogy rosehip oil - but routine is hit and miss. Need to sort that! THankfully the alcohol is an easy one for the next year or so, though I do need to drink more water and eat less sugar.

Think I've been super focused on work and neglected myself, though really need to start putting myself and bump first.

Thanks all for the tips and forcing me to be honest

helzapoppin2 Tue 17-Feb-15 20:55:32

I've just had some awful passport photos done- by a professional photographer. Now I will not rest until I track down a photo booth that makes me look ten years younger. That passport will be around a long time!

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