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Come look at my Winter coats and tell me what Summer coat to buy!!

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BunnyLebowski Tue 17-Feb-15 10:58:13

In the Autumn/Winter I almost always wear faux fur coats.

I have these



and ASOS Again

I also have this Louche Princess coat

I am really struggling to translate my style (retro and glam?) into a coat/jacket for the Spring.

I can't wear biker jackets as they cut me off in the middle and look wrong. I don't like macs. I don't like parkas.

I don't wear black or any neutrals really. I love colour, pattern and texture.

I do love those military style jackets that have embroidery or patches to pretty them up but can't find any online. I also realise they aren't glam grin.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm a size 12, 32FF and have a budget of up to £100 for the right thing.

BunnyLebowski Tue 17-Feb-15 19:15:40


OatcakeCravings Tue 17-Feb-15 19:25:57

Sorry I can't be much help I live in the far North of Scotland and would wear any of those jackets in the summer!!

However, I have the same ishoos with biker jackets as you but found a longer length one last year in Dotty P's which looks good. I also have a fitted indigo denim jacket that I wear with a large vintage brooch. Have you considered a cord jacket?

Lardylassnomore Tue 17-Feb-15 19:32:03

Why not buy a military jacket the sew or pay someone to apply appliqué patches on like these

jimmybim Wed 18-Feb-15 10:17:10


frankietwospots Wed 18-Feb-15 10:49:27

OK, I'm loving your coat selection and mine are quite similar! For spring/summer, I am coveting this from H&M and it looks fab on:

I also noticed that Belinda posted a lovely military style jacket the other day:
- but I realise it's black.

Autograph have a few textured coats and also bomber jackets so might be worth a look?

BritabroadinAsia Wed 18-Feb-15 11:02:24

How about a trench style? I got a lovely one from Jigsaw last year that doesn't have buttons but ties around the waist - quite lightweight and probably only showerproof at best, but a nice layer for summer. They had it in navy and blush last year - will have a quick look to see if there is something similar now. Could look quite glam?

BritabroadinAsia Wed 18-Feb-15 11:03:35

Ok, have re-read your post about liking pattern and not neutrals so please disregard the above!

Love your furry coats, btw...

sosix Wed 18-Feb-15 11:09:31

I can't help as I have a fatface mac. But love your coats!

noddyholder Wed 18-Feb-15 14:16:48

BunnyLebowski Wed 18-Feb-15 14:41:12

Thanks everyone for helping. I thought it was a dead thread!

Unfortunately I don't like any of the links. They're all nice just not for me. I don't like unfitted shapes so that rules out boyfriend coats/dusters. I don't like trenches. I bought a pink boyfriend coat last year from River Island and returned it as I looked like Don Johnson in Miami Vice.

The military is still too short and not really my style.

The H+M one is nice but again not me.

I think I want something more fired and a bit more glam. How awkward? grin.

StandoutMop Wed 18-Feb-15 14:58:42

I like this Reis's one but its over £100, despite being reduced, and may be too black and not fitted enough for you.

stripytees Wed 18-Feb-15 16:17:50

A wool or tweed blazer? Or a leather jacket?

stripytees Wed 18-Feb-15 16:18:38

Or velvet, I remember Boden did animal print velvet blazers.

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