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Those who know know about skin care, please can you help me?

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Paddingtonthebear Mon 16-Feb-15 09:08:38

I don't really know what skin "type" I have. My face feels tight after water and without moisturiser. I thought it was dry but sensitive, I do get hormonal spots occasionally and if I use a new product I am prone to a little breakout, this usually is in ten form of minor clogged pores on my cheeks. I do have blackheads on my nose so their is some oil production and maybe it's not dry after all. My skin isn't bad but it could be better. I am wondering if it's actually dehydrated.

Foundation always goes dry / patchy particularly on my forehead. I am 39 with some fine lines. I use a gentle cleanser with a warm cloth, I exfoliate once a week, I use a moisturiser. I've tried loads of different cleansers and moisturisers with mixed results. I use vitamin e oil and skin still feels dry and dull the next morning. Tried serums. Skin looks a bit dull. I've started taking a good multivitamin and also omega 3 oils. I drink water and diet is generally good. Is there anything else I can do to perk my skin up??

avagosling Mon 16-Feb-15 15:26:26

I would suggest to try the oil cleansing method, it has helped my skin loads, you can find instructions here

Also try the rosehip oil, it's brilliant for rebalancing the skin

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