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Wedding outfit

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moggiek Sun 15-Feb-15 21:37:03

DS1 is getting married in April, quite a posh do. He and STBDIL have two wonderful boys, aged and four and two, so my major role on the day will be entertaining them.

Given that making any kind of sartorial decision has always been difficult for me, can anyone suggest an outfit that might be smart, but practical enough to run around after two likely to be super-excited little boys?

I'm 56, 5'3", size 10.

moggiek Sun 15-Feb-15 23:15:48


jimmybim Mon 16-Feb-15 09:32:25

What's your budget? Do you have any colours you like? It's useful to know your hair/eye colour.

moggiek Mon 16-Feb-15 20:38:37

Probably don't want to spend more than a couple of hundred, excluding shoes etc. I have fair skin/hair and blue eyes, and I like blue.

kavv0809 Mon 16-Feb-15 20:50:30

How about something like a trouser suit? My mum wore a Condici three piece one ( shell top, long flowing jacket and loose ish trousers). Easy to run about in if you need to and you could have some fab flats or wedges rather than heels.

Something like this :

Not sure how much they are new or what your views are on dress exchanges or second hand. You could probably do the whole thing nearly new for £200 including new shoes. IIRC we bought hers as worn once on ebay, then dry cleaned it and sold it on for the same money.

kavv0809 Mon 16-Feb-15 20:52:54

Sorry crap link but if you stick
Women's Condici pale lilac 3-piece trouser suit into e bay it should come up.

ZeroFunDame Mon 16-Feb-15 21:07:58

What sort of thing do you like? Are there any labels you regularly wear?

Do you have a preference for coat, sleeves, sleeveless? Dress? Length? Trousers?

As it's not an occasion that is likely to be repeated soon is there anything you have always hankered after but never bought?

ZeroFunDame Mon 16-Feb-15 21:26:47

This is well over budget but probably worth it. And in your size!

moggiek Mon 16-Feb-15 21:30:19

I'm not great with heels, so despite being a bit of a short arse, flats/kittens are a good idea. I shop mostly John Lewis/Boden/Phase Eight/Hobbs, and although I'm quite slim, I like to keep my upper arms under wraps.

moggiek Mon 16-Feb-15 21:32:39

Ooh, lovely jubbbly! Sadly, I'm not likely to get £350s worth of wear out of it.

ZeroFunDame Mon 16-Feb-15 21:32:59

Over budget, impractical, would need a top.

But so fabulous!

ZeroFunDame Mon 16-Feb-15 21:35:05

Oh. Ok. sad

<Looks for dungarees>

ZeroFunDame Mon 16-Feb-15 21:39:21

Any good?

ZeroFunDame Mon 16-Feb-15 21:54:11

Stupendous. And good value. And in your size. Admittedly you might want a small outer covering.

I do think you're entitled to be the other belle of the ball ...

ZeroFunDame Mon 16-Feb-15 21:54:59

Come back quick before they all sell out!

jimmybim Mon 16-Feb-15 21:59:03

this is pretty
Its silk stretch so won't be too fitting. You could wear it with navy kitten heel shoes.

ZeroFunDame Mon 16-Feb-15 22:02:02

Or the OP could wear this.

Only a 12 available. May be quite small or available elsewhere. Think it could be stunning.

DuchessDisaster Mon 16-Feb-15 22:06:20

Jaeger have a lovely navy silk dress (long sleeves, v-neck) in their sale. You could jazz it up with hot pink accessories.

ZeroFunDame Mon 16-Feb-15 22:36:45

What d'you think?

No fussy accessories needed.

ZeroFunDame Mon 16-Feb-15 22:46:14

I would probably want this with fabulous jewels and some psychedelic palazzo pants.

So cool.

ZeroFunDame Mon 16-Feb-15 22:54:43

Come back!


<<Tears zillion £££ frock>>

moggiek Mon 16-Feb-15 23:24:51

Sorry, got sidetracked by Broadchurch. Love ALL of the suggestions, so off to check them all out again, credit card in hand! Many thanks!!!!

ZeroFunDame Mon 16-Feb-15 23:30:11

Oh good. Don't know if this might suit? Much less dressy but could be neat with the right accessories. Very versatile. Would prob be a bit longer on you. (Or me ...)

ZeroFunDame Mon 16-Feb-15 23:33:26

I will stop soon!

This is very Mother of the Bridegroom chic.

Lion12 Tue 17-Feb-15 08:29:56

What about this with some flats?

john lewis

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