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Why are my nails like this?

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20secondstocomply Sun 15-Feb-15 20:49:00

My nails flake and peel so much. They always have a little bit but they are really bad at the moment. (Excuse the state of my cuticles, they are not normally like that).
I always wear gloves when washing up and cleaning, I put hand cream on at least 4 times a day.
I did wonder if it could be to do with diet, but not sure what...
Any ideas anyone please?

CakeMakesMeHappy Sun 15-Feb-15 20:51:47

I think it's Rimmel make a nail repair varnish/treatment. Mine were like it a while back, I think I was generally very tired/run down but no idea what the actual cause was. It helped my nails and they're back to normal now.

MrsLettuce Sun 15-Feb-15 20:54:46

How do you shorten them?

20secondstocomply Sun 15-Feb-15 20:55:34

Thank you, I will have a look for that. Yes, I could say I'm a bit run down at the moment, so it could be that.

20secondstocomply Sun 15-Feb-15 20:56:30

MrsLettuce I file them with an emery board. Would it make a difference what I use?

MrsLettuce Sun 15-Feb-15 21:00:16

Yeah, can definitely make a difference! Blunt nail clippers and filing wrong can cause flaking and peeling, y' see. 'Sawing' with the file is the worst but you probably don't do that.

Glass files are great - bit of an investment though.

20secondstocomply Sun 15-Feb-15 21:10:46

Weeeeeelllll, I might have sawed at them a bit recently blush, I used to be so careful to only file them in one direction. I will stop being lazy and do it properly thanks.
I normally use these but also have a metal file, which would you say is best?

MsMcWoodle Sun 15-Feb-15 21:13:08

Sweet almond oil. Seems to make my nails stronger.

MrsLettuce Sun 15-Feb-15 21:15:07

Never a metal file and don't skip the finer side of file either wink

MsRyanGosling Sun 15-Feb-15 21:15:36

They look really pale - enough iron?

MrsLettuce Sun 15-Feb-15 21:15:52

Oh heck, you're not filing damp nails are you? That's also a bad plan...

Kbear Sun 15-Feb-15 21:18:36

cut them short with clippers - gently file the sharp edges but not too much. Invest in some nail oil (Boots roll on nail and cuticle oil or Sally Hanson Maximu Growth Cuticle pen) and use as often as you think of it. I have bought Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Strengthener and paint that on too.

I've been doing this regularly for two weeks and already I've seen a massive improvement.

VixxFace Sun 15-Feb-15 21:29:15

Buy some solar oil. Your nails are dry. When nails get dry they become like fish scales and start peeling.

20secondstocomply Sun 15-Feb-15 21:30:36

Not damp filing, not quite that bad smile. So would you use the coarser side first and then the fine side? How often would you file them? I have been been leaving them then having to file quite a lot. I'm guessing little and often is better?
Mrs McWoodle now you mention sweet almond oil I used to use that every night (before I had my son and hand headspace to remember to do it every night) and I did notice an improvement. I will have to get some more.
Thanks Kbear for the recommendations I will check those products out too.

RipMacWinkle Sun 15-Feb-15 21:33:06

No advice but I'm reading this with interest. Thanks to your reminder here I have dug out my solar oil and I'm slathering it on. I recently had shellac off after several months and they're just like you described hmm

NeedABumChange Sun 15-Feb-15 21:34:55

Do you swim a lot? My nails got a bit like this from the chlorine. There was a protective varnish I found that stopped it though.

goldvelvet Sun 15-Feb-15 21:38:55

Mine do this I'm constantly run down & most probably anaemic as i'm a vegetarian. I took calcium citrate and magnesium tablets daily a year ago and my nails were amazing so long and strong. I need to start doing that again!

amazonianwoman Sun 15-Feb-15 22:32:56

Nailtiques number 2 (blue bottle) really works, apply a coat every day for about 4 days, remove then repeat. Brilliant stuff,
I can see a difference within two weeks of daily use. Also recommend oil on cuticles.
Are you on a low fat diet? Mine are always more flaky if I don't have enough good oils/fats.

Thisisthelasttime Sun 15-Feb-15 22:37:43

I am interested in this as I have a bad toenail and podiatrist said it's not fungus but eczema. I have no clue what to do but it's ugly and awful. I will try to put up a picture if Op doesn't mind me hijacking thread.

Thisisthelasttime Sun 15-Feb-15 22:39:34

Hopefully this works

eurochick Sun 15-Feb-15 22:41:08

My nails have never been better since taking pregnacare. It can't be the pregnancy hormones as they were just as good when ttc.

Degustibusnonestdisputandem Sun 15-Feb-15 22:41:28

I've been taking nourkrin and my nails are amazingly strong and fast growing, and for the first time in...well...ever, there's no, or very little hair accumulating in my brush smile

Chocolou Sun 15-Feb-15 22:50:53

You need to cut not file. Peeling nails are like split ends on hair, they need cut off. So cut as low as you can, only file if necessary and go in one direction then hold the file vertical and gently brush down the free edge to seal the nail.

Apply solar oil or phenomen oil by Jessica. Literally every time you wash hands and before bed.

If you can get to a salon ask if they do ibx treatment. My nails peeled for 2 years and it's the only thing that eliminated it.

I'm a beauty therapist with no links to ibx. It really is fab.

burnishedsilver Sun 15-Feb-15 23:12:42

Vicks vapo rub on the toenail twice a day this
People seem to be having success with it for both fungus and psoriasis.

Thisisthelasttime Sun 15-Feb-15 23:20:07

Burnished I have tried that and might try it again. Last year when I thought it was fungus I used scholl treatment. It did improve vastly but the minute I put polish back on for the summer it got worse again. Just tried rubbing some oil in to mosturise it.

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