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Cheap ways to update for spring/summer?

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Goanddoapoothen Sun 15-Feb-15 13:01:02

Having had quite enough of jeans and boots I decided to haul out my summer wardrobe and see what's what! I've bought new bits over the past 18 months due to loosing baby weight so a lot of it is well fitting and in good nick! Mostly denim shorts, khaki chinos, plain tops really.
So basically I'm wondering do you think it's possible to update things with shoes and accessories alone? Thinking some metallic/beaded sandals, a beach bag style tote and bit of jewellery. That way chinos/denim shorts and a white tee can be dressed up a bit.

Lardylassnomore Sun 15-Feb-15 14:00:30

Yes however be prepared to buy the odd seasonal outfit. Pink seems to be in judgin by the amount o pink stuff in m and s so maybe a few cheap tees and then scarves an bags

Goanddoapoothen Sun 15-Feb-15 18:18:04

I own 1 pink top and that's more coral than pink really! Mostly white or blue if I'm honest. Not sure pink particularly suits me. confused Thanks for replying, will take a look at what colours are "in" this year and like you say a few plain tops will update things!

hettie Sun 15-Feb-15 19:06:32

Mme what kinds of pink are in?

LadyIsabellaWrotham Mon 16-Feb-15 07:57:34

I reckon big statement costume jewellery will still be a thing this summer, but the precise style that emerges as the winner on the street is up for grabs. I bought a handful of cheap and cheerful paste gem necklaces (one for each neckline) to wear this winter because I didn't fancy investing in actual embellished tops which will date quickly, and I've really enjoyed wearing them. For summer I'll wait until the last moment and see what look starts to catch on and then hit the High Street (plus Boots, who are good for costume jewellery).

frankietwospots Mon 16-Feb-15 10:34:44

The key look for SS15 is the 70s. So you could look to update your wardrobe by investing in a fringed suede bag, some tan wedges, some boho style necklaces from Accessorize, that kind of thing. For spring/summer, I tend to stick to simple grey tops with slim boyfriend jeans or skinny utility style trousers and then update with maybe leopard flats (I have these: or a camo print scarf. Gap do lovely scarves for summer.

Some ideas below:

This would look nice over skinnies or chinos for a wafty 70s look:

Goanddoapoothen Mon 16-Feb-15 14:27:08

Thanks everyone who has replied. frankie those next leopard flats are great, definitely going on the list. Have several white blouses which I can dress up boho style with jewellery, so will add some to the list. Although boho isn't my usual style so slightly nervous going down that route! Don't really wear wedges so wondering if beaded sandals would work? Seen a nice blue and white beach tote at accessorize which may be more practical than a suede fringed bag as I'm generally carrying a ton of stuff for the kids! Although I really like their suede fringed leather tote! Decisions decisions!

frankietwospots Mon 16-Feb-15 22:27:54

Sounds like you have some good options! The leopard flats are really comfy and for once I didn't have to go up half a size as I usually do in Next. And yes, beaded sandals sound great to me.

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