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Petite cropped leggings?

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ihearttc Sun 15-Feb-15 11:10:56

Strange request which I realise isn't particularly stylish but Im struggling to find them and thought you might be able to help.

Im after some cropped leggings to wear under tunics for when we go on holiday in May. We are going to the Middle East so will be extremely hot. However Ive recently been ill and put on quite a bit of weight due to the medication I have to take and Im struggling with summer clothes as non of mine fit anymore-have gone from a 8/10 to a 14 which I appreciate isn't much of a jump but have been the same size all my adult life even after 2 children so I don't feel like "me" anymore!

I found some tunics which I love and which fit really well but need something to go underneath them. Ive got shorts to wear under dresses (thigh rubble!) but need some cropped leggings to wear under the tunics.

Id like them ideally to come knee length however because Im only 4ft 10 the cropped ones are actually like full length leggings on me!

Id probably need a 14 and need them in dark grey or navy (but the tunics are navy and Im worried about it being the wrong colour!).

Any suggestions greatly appreciated?

I cried yesterday and told DH to cancel the holiday...I have a wardrobe full of gorgeous summer clothes which I have no hope of ever wearing again and its really upsetting me.

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