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Ugg Volta boots - which colour?

(10 Posts)
Dancergirl Wed 11-Feb-15 15:06:24

I have ordered 2 pairs and can't decide between them!

Brown leather:

Or light brown suede:

I think I prefer the suede but the leather is more practical.

everythingsgoingsouth Wed 11-Feb-15 20:20:30

you could spray the suede with a good protector/waterproofer and they would be fine.
I like the chesnut leather!

HelpMeGetOutOfHere Wed 11-Feb-15 20:23:35

The leather are much nicer in real life. Very practical and very comfortable.

Dancergirl Wed 11-Feb-15 20:33:46

I have both pairs sitting at home! I ordered both as Ugg do free returns. I can't decide!

Honeydragon Wed 11-Feb-15 20:36:12

I like the brown leather.

But I've just rejected Brown leather Seldons for Java suede Grandles so I'm clearly no use.

Dancergirl Wed 11-Feb-15 20:40:13

Oh yes I saw your post honey! Are you pleased with the Grandles?

Honeydragon Wed 11-Feb-15 20:43:47

Love them, I really loved the leather Seldons but the zip at the back was the decider in returning them.

I've sprayed my Grandles in the Kiwi extreme Protecter. It's no more that normal suede protecter and very good.

Dancergirl Wed 11-Feb-15 21:46:02

So maybe I'll go for what I like best rather than practicality....?

Honeydragon Wed 11-Feb-15 22:12:23

It's what I did.

I always waterproof my sheepskin uggs though with good success.

Spray. Leave to dry. Spray again.

As long as you look after them they'll be fine.

Dancergirl Thu 12-Feb-15 11:48:12

After all that I've decided to go with the leather. I've got suede ankle boots so these will be a bit different.

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