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What can I do for under eye wrinkles?

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jb7445 Wed 11-Feb-15 12:50:49


I am only thirty but have some pretty bad under eye wrinkles. I don't have particularly bad bags under my eyes, but where there is a noticeable, crinkly wrinkle circling under the 'bag' on both eyes. I am also developing slight crows feet but it's this line that is the worst. I don't have any wrinkles elsewhere and this is the only thing I see now when I look in the mirror sad. I suspect it's a combination of genes (my mum has the same) and that I tend to end up sleeping with my face squashed into the pillow.

So, I have always used eye creams with little effect. I keep out of the sun, wear sunglasses and sun cream and generally try to treat my skin kindly. However this is getting worse and really starting to affect my confidence, so I'm starting to think about other options. It sounds like Botox is more for crows feet/forehead lines rather than under eye wrinkles, and peels/microdermabrasion is apparently not recommended due to the skin being so thin under your eyes. Does anyone have any recommendations for what might work? Possibly laser??? I will be making an appointment with a clinic of some kind to get an expert opinion, but just want to be able to at least narrow it to the general type of treatment so I can start looking for clinics!

Any help very gratefully received....

Naicecuppatea Wed 11-Feb-15 17:29:39

Have you tried any retinol/retin-A creams? They are your best bet.

Aridane Thu 12-Feb-15 07:39:58

Realistically, I would expect you're looking at dermal fillers.

JugglingLife Thu 12-Feb-15 07:42:11

Apparently if you have silk pillowcases you wake up with amazing hair and no wrinkles that take 3 hours to disappear, bastard things, otherwise Botox around the eye area tends to lift everything. Difficult to get off that bus once you start though.

avagosling Thu 12-Feb-15 14:39:51

Moringa oil is magical, I highly recommend you give it a try before going down the treatment route...

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