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Help me find my dream leather hobo bag please!

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Brookville Tue 10-Feb-15 19:47:10

Hello Ladies, I'm turning 40 this year and think it's high time I treated myself to a lovely bag that will last and make me feel proud. This has been a long search.... Criteria are:
-not black
-a single handle long enough to go over shoulder (with additional detachable cross-body strap)
-external pocket
-roomy but not absolutely massive (I want to carry a SLR camera in there with purse, brolley etc)
-under £150

One I like is the marc jacobs but it's too expensive and black and maybe a little small.

Any ideas of other brands I might try?
Thanks so much!

Dancergirl Tue 10-Feb-15 21:24:31

Peony and Moore?

toastandmarmiterocks Tue 10-Feb-15 21:54:41

Ooo, watching with interest, I could have written your post OP. I really like this one []

toastandmarmiterocks Tue 10-Feb-15 21:55:38

Oh bummer, crappy link. I'm on my phone, can't remember how to do it properly...

Brookville Tue 10-Feb-15 21:58:15

Toast I'm out down the pub! Ill have a look later when I'm on the desktop so can check links. Have a look at Liebeskind. They sell on Amazon. I have a wallet from them. It's divine.

Dancergirl Tue 10-Feb-15 22:37:07

Which one is it toast?

TheCraicDealer Wed 11-Feb-15 00:06:03

My boyfriend got me (at my request- he's not that good) this Grey&gclid=CPC52aTL2MMCFUWWtAodYTUAdA bag from whistles for Christmas. I got Oxblood which they don't have any more, but they still have black, navy and dark grey on stock. It's FAB, pretty much exactly what I was looking for- hobo-y but still smart enough for work, little pockets and a shoulder strap that converts to a cross body. And the inside is beige which makes finding shit in my jam packed handbag easier.

PoppyAmex Wed 11-Feb-15 07:04:11

This is on my list and won't break the bank.

southeastastra Wed 11-Feb-15 07:11:40

i have this in pink it's lovely and big. though you can probably get cheaper than this link.

southeastastra Wed 11-Feb-15 07:12:13

oops sorry no outside pocket

Brookville Wed 11-Feb-15 07:22:42

Great! Going to check Peony& Moore. I hadn't thought about Whistles, French Connection or Massimo Duti. Thanks all! Why are they so expensive though, these leather bags? Is there a massive margin on them?

SoljaBonita Wed 11-Feb-15 07:33:04

If you are not fussed about Brands perhaps try aliexpress and buy one direct from manufacturer? Though its wise to check feedback carefully before ordering.

PrimalLass Wed 11-Feb-15 07:41:01

Are you sure about a hobo bag? I absolutely hated mine - everything disappears into a great, dark, jumble of stuff.

southeastastra Wed 11-Feb-15 07:52:43

i got my pink french connection one for £50 on ebay! def try the bay

Brookville Wed 11-Feb-15 08:24:06

Prima I know what you mean. I think if it's not too big and with internal pockets for keys, pen, make up etc I'll be ok. I have one from here which is a good shape but it's leatherette and has a few nicks in it so getting scruffy.

Brookville Wed 11-Feb-15 08:25:08

Solja didn't know of aliexpress press so will look.

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