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Do I need a better day cream or a primer?

(2 Posts)
macnab Tue 10-Feb-15 12:22:36

I have quite good skin, no breakouts or blemishes really but it is dry. Its particularly dry at the side of my nose and between my nose and cheeks. A few lines (am 40) but nothing major. I have been using the Naturally Radiant hot cloth cleanser from Superdrug at night, followed by Olay Regenerist Night Elixir which does seem to be helping and my skin is definitely looking brighter.

But its the day time I'm not sure about. I work, so like to wear makeup each day. I'm currently just using a serum from Aldi and a bit of Garnier cream on top (can't remember the name but its in a pink tube and cheap as chips) I'm not sure do I stick with this but use a primer as well? (and if so, what one?) or do I need to change to a different day cream? Whatever I get needs to be purse-friendly, as I have a really limited budget sad so maybe max £15.


oldgnome Tue 10-Feb-15 23:14:53

A different day cream rather than a primer I think

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