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Fashionable childrenswear - any thoughts?

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knim2015 Tue 10-Feb-15 12:05:12

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santamarianovella Tue 10-Feb-15 12:44:43

I wouldn't buy a "Mini Freda" for my DD to be honest,I don't find their womenswear design appealing at all,

there are some good British based brands but they are not reasonably priced, but they are of very good quality like "miller" kids wear.which uses really good quality fabrics,and desgin,i buy loads of their stuff for my dd,as they have a retro feel but still so appealing specially for children,my dd loves their dresses,

but still there is a huge gap for good quality /unique design children clothes, and still European countries like Belgium,France,Denmark are way ahead in that field, look and if you can examin brands like :morely,bonpoint,billie blush, noro,bobo choses,maan,to name a few, they are all exceptionally designed,and you hardly find anything close to resemble them in the UK,even British brands like caramel baby pales when compared to them.

AmberNectarine Tue 10-Feb-15 14:45:48

I like Freda - have some lovely leather trousers from there, but it's all a bit pared back and staid compared to anything I'd put my daughter in. She'll have plenty of time to dress like an adult when she is one.

That said, I do think there is a gap in the market for a slightly more luxe British kids brand. As santa says the European brands are much better - it would be nice to have something to look at other than Boden!

knim2015 Tue 10-Feb-15 15:08:16

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santamarianovella Tue 10-Feb-15 16:10:29

First of all , if you wold like to produce an appealing brand for kids try to make it distinguishable and independent from its "mother brand" . Don't do a "mother and mini me" Thing ,that's just wrong, and it shows a lack of imagination, and as amber said, girls will have plenty of time to dress like adults when they become one.

Next, no one wants to dress their kids like baby north!. I tend to dress minimally but for my dd,I like to dress her in dresses with pretty prints,and nothing too restrictive ,they are kids after all!

vitality Thu 23-Jul-15 01:12:21

I agree about the 'mini me' all the designer labels with the kids' versions. There's a new brand called Petit Tribe which looks really interesting.

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