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Well on the crepey neck front..

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Greengardenpixie Mon 09-Feb-15 20:50:03

The only thing that has made ANY difference is:

NIVEA creme [ blue pot]??????????????
I am gobsmacked!!! The lines are way less. Its not perfect - i mean nothing is going to get rid of it but considering fancy creams were making no difference a pot of nivea costing me less than £2.00 has faded the lines and my neck looks better! I guess its been pretty dehydrated. I literally cant believe it.

dexter73 Mon 09-Feb-15 20:57:14

I'm glad to hear that! I have been using it every night for the last few months on my face, neck and chest as I had a huge pot that I had been given. I do look lovely and greasy after!

Greengardenpixie Mon 09-Feb-15 22:04:26

ha ha..yes!! Im like an oil slick! I pop it on at night too. I am amazed at how it is so good around the eye area. No stinging or anything. I put it on my face, neck and chest too [at night] In the morning i put it on my neck and just put on my normal olay touch of foundation on my face and blend down my neck. Seems to work for me.

plentyofshoes Mon 09-Feb-15 22:57:13

I have used it since my teens, night and morning. Will start putting it on my neck!

Greengardenpixie Tue 10-Feb-15 09:26:41

well im not unrealistic to think anything will take it away but it looks so much better. It tops clarins, strivectin, lulu timebomb etc. They didnt do much on the creppyiness. The thing is my face looks younger which is annoying. I mean iam old but 47 is hardly worthy of my aged neck and it is caused by late pregnancy weight gain snd loss (last baby at 43) I am sure cause I have little sun exposure but I am do have a long neck so that is turing into a curse!

mixedpeel Tue 10-Feb-15 11:17:57

I think it must be genetic, too. Did you have those lines around your neck when you were younger? Not wrinkles, just a couple of visible lines? I did, from my teens, and now have the crepey neck thing, despite reasonably good skin on the face. Started late 30s. OH, same age, neck looks like it did in his 20s (grr!)

Will invest in a blue pot this very day - thanks for the tip!

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