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feets seeking boots

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Catotanca Sun 08-Feb-15 15:25:17

Oh help, my trusty boots have fallen apart and I need to buy some new ones. I am the worst shoe shopper in the universe. I have wide feet and narrow calves (the wrong way round for shoe shopping!) and I am already tall and don't do heels.

I would really like some grey nubuck or oiled suede ankle or calf boots, simple and close fitting in style, with a low or flat heel and a cleated sole in size 6 wide. I would rather not spend more than £100 unless I have to. I do need the cleated sole. I am semi-rural and need to be able to shift across some countryside as well as not look too disgraceful in the city/ meeting clients. I don't need to be super officey as I am a techie consultant type bod. I'll tend to be in slim trousers and a cowl neck top or one of those me+em jersey dresses and leggings with a biker jacket. I am a uniform type dresser.

I could countenance tan leathers but I really would like grey if possible as it's so versatile. I just want to wear my boots with everything and not think about it. Is it possible?

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