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Is wearing your g string back to front a thing?

(153 Posts)
Behooven Sun 08-Feb-15 14:02:28

A la Vorderman?

blendedfamilygrinch Sun 08-Feb-15 14:03:27


70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 08-Feb-15 14:05:36

My eyes shock
That's fecking ugly unflattering and painful looking.

Mirror, perhaps, Carol? (As in LOOK in one)

And What the Jeff has she done to her hair?

Behooven Sun 08-Feb-15 14:07:39

I thought of the discomfort when I saw it, ouchy

GlitzAndGigglesx Sun 08-Feb-15 14:07:43

She has a lovely figure but that looks fucking tragic

turdfairynomore Sun 08-Feb-15 14:16:39

My mum would say "there goes a Woman with no friends and no mirrors"!

IHaveBrilloHair Sun 08-Feb-15 14:20:17

Dear god, why, just whyconfused

Behooven Sun 08-Feb-15 15:58:23

Yes, I would love her figure, but I'll stick with my big pants smile

Branleuse Sun 08-Feb-15 16:01:25

doesnt she look amazing though apart from the big ol' camel toe.
All that and shes such a brilliant mathematician

HelpMeGetOutOfHere Sun 08-Feb-15 16:05:28

Big cotton pants under exercise clothing!!! No no to a g string, how uncomfortable would that be?

Behooven Sun 08-Feb-15 16:07:29

No not under exercise clothing, just in general helpme

Candycoco Sun 08-Feb-15 16:13:24

Looks like she's trying to tilt to accentuate her 'thigh gap' but doesn't realise the world can see her bits..most gross!

mooth Sun 08-Feb-15 16:13:46

What in God's name was she thinking?

EhricLovesTheBhrothers Sun 08-Feb-15 16:15:37

But why? Wouldn't that chafe like a bitch?

YoullLikeItNotaLot Sun 08-Feb-15 16:23:41

Already been a Vorderman thread deleted today which contained that same fucking hideous picture

Apparently Vorderman tweeted that pic with a faux innocent "oh I've been told I've got a thigh gasp but font even know what one is". fucking irritating woman

There are only three women I'd ever slate on a site like this and she is one of them cough Hopkins & Allsop cough

boogiewoogie Sun 08-Feb-15 16:24:31

She's not a mathematician. She's an engineer.

Branleuse Sun 08-Feb-15 16:25:44

she totally did loads of maths on countdown. I didnt see her engineer a thing

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Sun 08-Feb-15 16:29:41

Surely that's a labial gap shock

LineRunner Sun 08-Feb-15 16:32:02

I think she's great on The Apprentice with Sir David Attenborough.

EvilRingahBitch Sun 08-Feb-15 16:33:47

She did sums on Countdown. Not maths.

I'm still scarred by the memory of her Rumba on Strictly.

boogiewoogie Sun 08-Feb-15 16:46:01

She's an engineer by discipline. She did arithmetic on countdown not calculus, geometry, algebra, group theory etc.

QueenBean Sun 08-Feb-15 16:51:56

Surely that's a labial gap




ShatnersBassoon Sun 08-Feb-15 16:52:29

I did it once. Not the 'What's a thigh gap? Oh, this little thing that I surely wouldn't put on Twitter?! But it's just the way I am!' bollocks, the putting a g-string on the wrong way.

I had to put paper pants on at a spa for a massage. I thought the paper bit provided overall coverage if I put the widest part of the triangle on my buttocks, and it was only when I lay down and realised I had an obscene front wedgy that I realised. I just had enough time to climb down, put them on straight and get back up before the masseuse came back. It's the last time I had a massage and the last time I wore a g-string, paper or otherwise.

Behooven Sun 08-Feb-15 16:55:07

grin shatner

Clarabumps Sun 08-Feb-15 16:55:25

People still wear G strings?

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