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Life's too short to have the same colour nail varnish on all the time?

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Armpitt Sat 07-Feb-15 17:43:39

Isn't it? I met a colleague at the nail salon today and she said that she always had red on, which I had never noticed before because I don't work with her that much. Surely its normal to want to change all the time?*

*I do know there are more important things in life this is none of my business, she can do what she wants. I was just wondering.

** Ditto jewelery.

Heels99 Sat 07-Feb-15 17:44:39

Life's too short to care a toss about nail varnish

Armpitt Sat 07-Feb-15 17:45:41

AAAAH. Mumsnet at iis best wink

TheAwfulDaughter Sat 07-Feb-15 17:48:22

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

meglet Sat 07-Feb-15 17:48:47

yanbu. I alternate.

One week red / orange / pink, next week a neutral, next week blues / greens.

Armpitt Sat 07-Feb-15 17:50:07

I have a very serious job that I do sometimes, and I was wanting to talk about it fully suited and booted in a sombre black Until one person asked me if I Was allowed neon nails when I was doing it! So you might be onto something there

Armpitt Sat 07-Feb-15 17:50:25

Not wanting to talk. I was giving a talk

ByTheSea Sat 07-Feb-15 17:51:55

I like to change every time (every couple of weeks I use shellac).

Nabootique Sat 07-Feb-15 17:56:05

I tend to change mine once a week or sooner if it has chipped or if I get bored, which is quite often. I do nail art and own a ridiculous amount of polish though, so like to change a lot to justify my rampant addiction grin

dexter73 Sat 07-Feb-15 18:00:29

I change mine quite often as it always chips. I don't get the wearing the same jewellery every day thing either. I have lots of jewellery and like to wear it all. Life is definitely not too short to think about nails and bling!

Eastpoint Sat 07-Feb-15 18:09:03

It isn't permanent so I go for different colours - dark blues & greys go well with my wardrobe. £12 so hardly a major commitment. It usually lasts about a week before it gets chips & gives me a lift every time I see my hands.

RudyMentary Sat 07-Feb-15 18:53:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lndnmummy Sat 07-Feb-15 19:44:46

Mainly red for me as I need to be conservative where I work. I wear a suit or dress with a jacket amd red nails makes me feel very put together and feminine in a "man's world".
In the summer I opt for a more coral red and in the winter more blood or wine red but its red nontheless.
Boring but it works for me

CaptainJamesTKirk Sat 07-Feb-15 20:18:47

I have a ridiculous amount if polish and where different colours all the time. I like blues, green and grey/blacks best. Red makes me feel like an old woman. Pink is dull. smile

Trills Sat 07-Feb-15 20:25:08

This is why I don't want Shellac.

It lasts for 3 weeks.

I don't WANT the same colour for 2 weeks.

Even if nobody else notices, I do.

DontKillMyVibe Sat 07-Feb-15 20:26:25

Mine lasts about 2 weeks each time and I get a different colour every visit as I get bored at looking at the same colour each time. Rotate between about 8 different colours or variations of - some of the colours in the salon I wouldn't have near me. Just my personal preference though so each to their own.

Skinheadmermaid Sat 07-Feb-15 20:40:06

i get bored of my nail colour in two/three days.
Thats how i justify owning a bajillion.

daughterofliz Wed 11-Feb-15 17:23:29

I used to work with a woman who literally wore the same colour all the time - I never saw her without it - on her toes too in summer. It was a slightly purplish deep pink. Not an unpleasant colour but I was surprised she didn't get bored with it.

I don't wear it all the time myself, but if I do, I usually wear it until it begins to look past its best, which can be anything from a day to a week - and I never wear the same colour twice in a row. I probably wear very deep burgundy, taupe, turquoise and sparkly black more than any of the others but I have quite a collection.

Datahub Wed 11-Feb-15 17:24:45

i went to launch a campaign to stop women in their late 60s always choosing that pearlised blush rose

BeaBoo Wed 11-Feb-15 17:26:27

I like to try new colours but I always go back to the same old favourite (Boots 17 High Shine in 'Mink'). I'd be so sad if they discontinued it.

Pantone363 Wed 11-Feb-15 17:38:00

Gellish every three weeks

I let the woman choose it for me unless I want a specific colour.

Not sure what you call this colour but I HATE it. Reminds me of a condom.

BeaBoo Wed 11-Feb-15 17:39:04

Pantone grin

Pantone363 Wed 11-Feb-15 17:39:49

Datahub, YES I know exactly what colour you mean

Hate the new stiletto nail trend. Looks grim

Pantone363 Wed 11-Feb-15 17:41:35

The horror shock

CointreauVersial Wed 11-Feb-15 18:41:14

Life's certainly too short to do your nails all the time - it takes me flipping ages, so I only bother painting them when there's a special occasion.

But I have gazillions of different bottles of varnish (oh, the perils of having a DH in the cosmetics business) so never wear the same colour twice. grin

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