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Where oh where can I find flattering black trews?

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Earsareconstantlyringing Fri 06-Feb-15 17:12:02

I'm currently losing weight and don't want to buy a new wardrobe just yet but could really do with some stylish, flattering black trousers for when I want to be a little more dressy but i'm jiggered if I know what style to go for.

I'm currently a size 16-18 bottom, very heavy on the thigh (how I hate my legs) and I usually wear a wide-leg trouser with a high waist and strong crease. However, I've seen some women, similar size to me, look incredible in a pair of black straight leg cigarette-style trousers.

With your collective fashion wisdom, what styles could I try, and where is best to look as I'm ever-so-slightly stumped...

FauxFox Fri 06-Feb-15 18:18:55

I think a 7/8ths length can be great at your size, you want the ankle tailored not skinny so it makes your ankles look slim and the kick balances your hips and a decent mid/high rise on the waist (preferably with a side zip) for a smooth silhouette.
mary portas

Earsareconstantlyringing Fri 06-Feb-15 19:22:50

Fox, they are ideal - I really like these. If I can push my luck further, do you know how these are size-wise - seriously teeny, half-decent, or generous (harumph, as if?)?

Thanks so much for looking for me - it's much appreciated.

FauxFox Fri 06-Feb-15 19:27:43

I'd hope Mary P were true to size given all her shop knowledge grin Oasis are pretty fair on size i've found, not sure about Therapy, never tried on their trousers i'm afraid...hope you find some you like x

Earsareconstantlyringing Fri 06-Feb-15 19:42:51

Thanks so much. It's hugely appreciated. I so want the Therapy ones, they're gorgeous.

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