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Casual lunch date - what to wear?

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Hallamoo Fri 06-Feb-15 17:08:46

Nice country pub. I'm 5'9", size 12, brown bobbed hair, ok legs, 40 something. Please help!

FauxFox Fri 06-Feb-15 17:48:38

Skinny jeans, boots, plain long sleeve T, leather jacket + fur scarf or or faux fur jacket. Nice shiny hair and good make up, possibly biggish hoop or drop earrings.

That's what i'd wear.

FauxFox Fri 06-Feb-15 17:51:18

If it was a newish date i'd wear my over the knee block heel suede boots or heeled ankle boots, if you've been dating a while or he is very casual then knee high biker boots. (wellys in the boot in case there is a walk sprung on you!)

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Fri 06-Feb-15 18:06:53

I'd wear something along the lines of: skinnies, knee high or ankle boots, fitted jumper, biker jacket and faux fur scarf.

FauxFox Fri 06-Feb-15 18:09:42

Oh I like a 'snap' with Remus she gives great fashion advice grin

Hallamoo Fri 06-Feb-15 19:49:41

Thanks all. What about skinnies with loafers? Stripe Breton & linen blazer, and big scarf? Too sloany??

Trills Fri 06-Feb-15 20:02:46

Have you met in real life before?

If not, flat shoes.

Trills Fri 06-Feb-15 20:03:23

Nothing wrong with looking "sloaney" if that's your style.

DarkNavyBlue Fri 06-Feb-15 20:13:08

Denim knee length skirt, flat black knee high boots, dark grey cashmere sweater, red lipstick.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Fri 06-Feb-15 21:31:16

Faux grin

Linen blazer would be a, 'No' from me, sorry. It's February.

BritabroadinAsia Sat 07-Feb-15 05:25:02

I like the top half half of DarkNavy's outfit, but if you have good legs then please show them off in jeans as per Remus and Faux's suggestions... and I wouldn't go with loafers or linen either - if you're cold you won't be comfortable/confident. Ok, nothing new to add, clearly!

BlueEyedWonder Sat 07-Feb-15 07:17:09

Loafers and linen would get a no from me.

Dark rinse jeans, fitted cashmere crew neck /polo neck in navy. Tan ankle or knee high boots. Grey coat or coatigen, scarf, tan bag.

Wellies in car a good idea.

coffeenut Sat 07-Feb-15 08:17:07

If it was a date-date I would be tempted to wear something that emphasises a good feature ie I have a slim but curvy shape - so would be tempted to wear something fitted (for me skinny jeans, charcoal/navy jumper or tight breton, ankle boots, sleek hair, smokey eye). Big scarf would swamp my niceish boobs and linen always wrinkles on me. You sound tall and slim with good legs - so either skinny jeans like others have said or a mini and tights. Highlight lips or eyes, whatever is better for you.

Wenglish Sat 07-Feb-15 15:40:58

I would have suggested similar to blueeyed

Wenglish Sat 07-Feb-15 15:41:35

Hope you had a good time smile

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