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Find me a slouchy bag please

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Dancergirl Thu 05-Feb-15 23:40:02

I am very tempted by Peony and Moores Georgia bag but I'm not sure if it's too big for me.

What else should I consider in a neutral-ish colour?

Dancergirl Fri 06-Feb-15 14:29:25

Any bag experts around?

weaselsquirrel Fri 06-Feb-15 14:39:05

Dancegirl I started a thread earlier askng for help finding a bag but had no replies. sad

swooosh Fri 06-Feb-15 14:45:37

I have and like the Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hobo

It's buttery soft, holds loads and just really nice. grin

hellsbellsmelons Fri 06-Feb-15 14:49:06

tan and brown
Bit blingeee??
another Yoshi one
like this one
Kors maybe?
another MK one

Dancergirl Fri 06-Feb-15 14:53:44

Thanks hells I like the shape of the first MK one but find their gold tags a bit blingy.

Maybe I should stick with the Peony and Moore one:

hellsbellsmelons Fri 06-Feb-15 14:55:24

I agree about MK bags (probably why they are last on my list) but that one isn't too blingy.
But your one is nice and if you like it and the price then go for it!

DontKillMyVibe Fri 06-Feb-15 21:01:58

Marc Jacobs Natasha? comes in loads of different colours and I love mine

DontKillMyVibe Fri 06-Feb-15 21:02:18

... Not too big either

Greengardenpixie Fri 06-Feb-15 21:16:40

Saw this on the next website but probably get it cheaper elswhere:

mrsdimmock Fri 06-Feb-15 21:17:42

Peony & Moore one is gorgeous...

Dancergirl Sun 08-Feb-15 15:22:06

It is lovely isn't it? Maybe I'll just get it smile

I think Im just hesitating because it might be too big for me. And the price obviously. But it's not that outrageous for a good quality bag, some are far more.

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