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If you were a size 14, 40 something what jeans would you buy for everyday wear?

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GutsyMcMuffin Thu 05-Feb-15 13:05:17

I'm 5'7" a size 14 with a tummy. I usually wear skinnies but only under leggings rules ie. Must have a bottom covering top or in warmer weather boyfriend jeans. I've only ever bought cheapo jeans and think it's time to get a really good everyday pair. I wonder of being my size and age I ought to move onto straight legs really although Im wary of anything that could make me look frumpy. Somehow I need to tread the fine line between mutton and frump. Any ideas?

BlueberryWafer Thu 05-Feb-15 13:12:20

What about these?

PrimalLass Thu 05-Feb-15 13:20:16

Next Everyday Skinnies before Next ruined them. I have five pairs and three more in a size smaller, bought from the sale or ebay in the 'old' fabric.

MatildaTheCat Thu 05-Feb-15 13:27:30

I recently got a pair of Not Your Daughters Jeans in a charity shop for £6 brand new. They cost c £120-150. I always swore I would never pay silly money for jeans but I'm a convert. They are super flattering, good stretch, highish waist and a dark colours they also have ankle zips which I like. Many different leg styles. So worth looking. If you cost per wear them it works out pretty well.

I would like a side fastening pair of jeans if anyone can recommend?

GemmaTeller Thu 05-Feb-15 13:30:35

I find M&S Roma jeans a perfect fit

YAsoNBU Thu 05-Feb-15 13:32:33

I think it depends on your shape really. The ones that fit me comfortably are GAP mid-rise in straight leg or skinny. I'm a bit shorter than you and a size 12.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Thu 05-Feb-15 13:39:43

I'm a size 12, mid-40s. I really like the M&S 5 pocket jeggings. They are just skinny jeans, really, and are only something like £22.

ginghambingham Thu 05-Feb-15 13:44:30

I'm a curvy size 14 and 170cm tall (and in my 40s). I'm liking M&S Sculpt and Lift straight jeans at the moment. On me, they're a skinny fit and the denim is stretchy, so pretty comfortable.

BikeRunSki Thu 05-Feb-15 13:50:26

Toast straight leg are perfect for me, also 5'7" ish, 14 and 40ish.

Notonaschoolnight Thu 05-Feb-15 13:55:35

I wear straight leg, wide leg, skinny boyfriend and normal skinnies depending on what I'm wearing with and I'm exactly same size and height

StellaGibson Thu 05-Feb-15 14:39:59

i'm size 12, I wear skinny mostly as anything else is frumpy imo and doesn't look right with boots. I don't wear super skinny (spray on type) as my teenage daughter looks better in these.

At the moment I have asos ridley jeans these also rag & bone jeans i think these

with skinny jeans I wear either boxy type tops (not skin tight as too much muffin) or I do have a couple of longer jumpers. I steer clear of tunics though as I think they make my bum look even bigger.

I also have boyfriend jeans from Gap.

Theselittlelightsofmine Thu 05-Feb-15 14:44:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GingerbreadBaubles Thu 05-Feb-15 17:06:13

I'm 5'8 size 14 and mine are 7 for all mankind New York dark. Really flattering and not very low on the waist mine are a 30 and fit perfectly. Have so far lasted me 5 years still look great

mrsruffallo Thu 05-Feb-15 17:07:14

I am always in skinnies. Boring I know.

MadderPink Thu 05-Feb-15 17:14:55

I am as described and I wear Next skinnnies, Gap real straight, and Boden straightleg (off ebay if possible!) and in summer with sandals, sainsbury's boyfriend jeans (size down though)

I don't spend a lot of money on jeans because they always go through at the knees, and I'm not convinced really expensive ones are that much better than the above.

Greengardenpixie Thu 05-Feb-15 19:13:02

Diesel louvboot. Gorgeous slim bootcut jeans so so so flattering. I have yet to find any other that makes everything look so good -

Cocolepew Thu 05-Feb-15 19:16:25

Im wearing the m&s slim bootlegs linked to atm.

Greengardenpixie Thu 05-Feb-15 19:19:22

Lardylassnomore Thu 05-Feb-15 19:21:52

Try dotty ps

CaffeineDeficit Fri 06-Feb-15 22:58:26

I'm a 5ft8 40something size 14, and I'd second the Asos Ridley recommendation. I go for the 34" inside leg, but I've got long legs and a short body, so if you've got more balanced proportions you might want to give the 32" a go.

Corygal Sat 07-Feb-15 00:11:34

Paige or James jeans, which last for years and make you look splendid. Can be pricey but buy online or TK Maxx them and they work out incredible value.

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