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Ideas needed to use olive oil

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ChickenSoupChef Thu 05-Feb-15 10:42:23

I bought a 5 litre bottle of good quality olive oil for skin care confused
I dunked a load of essential oils in it so we can't cook with it. Very dumb.

Anyway, thinking of things I can make with it, especially something nice I could give the mil for her birthday soon.

Any ideas please?

StayGoldPonyBoy Thu 05-Feb-15 10:46:33

Decant it into pretty little bottles with different scented oils in each one and call them homemade bath oils? Do a full pamper set and do one plain as a makeup remover, mix a bit with brown sugar to make a lip scrub, then the rest as bath oil?

UnityQuilt Thu 05-Feb-15 12:30:17

Mix with avocado oil for a good oil for oil cleansing method or for skin elasticity if used as moisturiser/serum/body oil.

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