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how to/can you wear lbd to a wedding?

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keeponkeepinon Wed 04-Feb-15 23:16:18

At a wedding in a few weeks and found a black dress I love but not sure how to dress it up for a day do. Accesorise with gold bag and shoes but then what about head wear and pashmina? Not sure about gold for those?
Or go for something else like a bright contrasting colour but then harder to get all accessories to match up.
Or is it a no no to wear a lbd to a wedding?

hauntedhenry Thu 05-Feb-15 08:39:02

I wore a black dress to a wedding a couple of years ago. I accessorised with a skinny gold belt, gold sandals and a light silk shawl to cover my shoulders in a kind of oyster colour. I don't think it's a problem to wear a black dress to a wedding, plus I was pregnant at the time and didn't want to waste money on something I'd only wear once. It looked very nice anyway, even if I do say so myself grin

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