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Skincare routine advice needed

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peaz Wed 04-Feb-15 19:56:35

I'm trying to be really good with cleansing my skin, doing the hot cloth method or using No 7 oil. I then use a toner, followed by Oz serum and then a moisturiser. I also have some acid peel from bravura but I've not been brave enough to use it.

But I've been reading about rosehip oil, argan oil and exfoliating acids. So, how and where does they all fit? Do I use oil AND toner AND moisturiser? What about the exfoliating acid? How often do I use this, and where does this fit into my routine?

I have dehydrated skin, prone to the odd whitehead but nothing too crazy. My hairline is flaky due to sodding psoriasis. I am 38 and have under eye circles and wrinkles which is the area that I want to pay significant attention to.

Can someone guide me through a daily/weekly routine with what you think is the best products (just type of products as I am on a budget so no need for naming brands unless there is a must have!)

Thank you!x

silverbough Wed 04-Feb-15 20:35:09

Its really difficult without seeing you but if your skin is dehydrated then exfoliating might be too much for you. Lactic Acid can be helpful for dehydrated skin but only use conservatively. Even the hot cloth method can be too exfoliating at times and oil cleansers can do too good a job of stripping all the oils out your skin.

If your skin is dehydrated I really recommend a humidifer for use at night in your bedroom.

In a way you kind of need to assess your skin on a daily basis and give it what it needs, the simplicity of an every day routine is appealing but it doesn't work.

I personally use a creamy facial cleanser from Akin but I don't always cleanse in the morning because I don't want to strip my skin of all the good oils so sometimes I just spritz with thermal water and then apply a serum or oil I like rosehip seed oil or a vitamin C serum and then I apply a sunscreen.

At night I always cleanse sometimes just with akin cleanser and water and sometimes with my clarisonic (1 - 2 x a week) on odd nights I use an exfoliating toner and then apply my night treatment like a decleor balm or retin a mixed with moisturiser. Some times I leave my face bare to let it breath.

I also use seperate eye creams a retinol one at night and a collagen boosting hydrating one with spf for day time use.

At the moment I am not using peels but if I were I would use it once a week or once a month depending on the strength of the product.

I just really judge my skin day to day and try and give it what it needs as and when. Ultimately skincare is the icing on the cake diet, exercise and sleep make the most difference.

nannyj Wed 04-Feb-15 20:51:22

Have a look at Lisa Eldridge's website she has lots of advice on skincare. I've started to do some of it and my skin has improved a lot.

peaz Thu 05-Feb-15 11:03:38

Excellent, thanks for the advice. I will look for the eye products.

I'll google that one. I've been looking at another one this morning (Caroline Hiron) and have written a long list of things to get!

christmashope Thu 05-Feb-15 12:16:36

I cannot rave enough about the liz Earle cleanse, tone and polish range I have been using it for about 7 years now and my skin is in amazing condition compared to what it used to be

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