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Breast reduction, bra intervention

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GingerbreadBaubles Wed 04-Feb-15 13:29:18

18 months ago I had a bi lateral breast reduction (my scars aren't all the way under my bust) I was a devout follower of Bravissimo and measured 32H.

After measuring again with the method recommended here I get 35" under bust and 43" around. To be honest I'm really quite pissed off to still be so big in cup sizes even though I do look smaller!

My issue now is I cannot wear underwires, I find them so uncomfortable I need help to find something that is wired and works. I've tried 34 and 36 back sizes and find the 36 doesn't irritate me quite as much.

Can someone please help me?!

StatisticallyChallenged Wed 04-Feb-15 15:45:00

Unfortunately, I think some surgeons either oversell the benefits or don't really understand bra sizes properly! My 30H friend had a reduction and was told she'd probably be a C, maybe a D. Uh huh - currently a FF/G, never less than an F/FF....

Your measurements would be a start point of a 34FF/G or 36F/FF - the intervention approach normally gets fairly close to the Bravissimo size although obviously they can try lots of bras to get it spot on. It is slightly concerning that you've been left unable to wear wires though...where is it the wires are irritating (wondering if it could be a wire shape issue rather than all wires)

GingerbreadBaubles Wed 04-Feb-15 15:59:31

To be honest I have never found wired bras comfortable. I'm currently wearing a next non wired in a 36G which is pretty comfortable but not very supportive. I don't regret my surgery it has made my life so much better the pain I used to get from bras was awful.

thank you for replying, what sort of wired bras should I be looking for? Don't want anything that accentuates!

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