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Moyou nail stamps

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sniffysnifferson Tue 03-Feb-15 20:36:38

Really excited that the stamp plates etc arrived this morning, but how the chuff do you use them?

has anyone got any tips because the polish either doesn't stick at all to the stamper or it only picks up partially and not all nice and neat like the pattern on the plate sad

Hoppinggreen Tue 03-Feb-15 21:18:02

DD has some that she got from the £ shop, although we actually saw them being demoed in Hamleys!!!
You kind of roll the stamper over the plate and then roll it on the nail with a quick flick of the wrist type movement.

StatisticallyChallenged Tue 03-Feb-15 21:28:24

What nail polish are you using? I find the stamps work best with metallic polishes, they seem to give a better result and life much more cleanly.

sniffysnifferson Tue 03-Feb-15 21:41:37

I've got the white and black moyou stamping polishes.
I obviously need to learn the flick id the wrist knack!

Nabootique Tue 03-Feb-15 21:56:49

It also helps to rough up the surface of the stamper very slightly with an emery board. Makes it more grippy.

RiojaHaze Tue 03-Feb-15 22:00:28

Ohhh I had christmas ones of those in shellac, they're great! What pattern did you get?

itsbetterthanabox Tue 03-Feb-15 23:27:42

Rough up the rubber stamp with a nail file and very lightly press the stamper onto the plate. Pressing hard it won't pick up.

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