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What do you wear if you are young, short and fat?

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catlady1 Tue 03-Feb-15 14:51:43

I really need to sort myself out! Since I had my DD almost two years ago I have worn the same outfit pretty much every day. Shortly after giving birth I went out and bought five long black cami tops and two pairs of skinny jeans, thinking it would make getting dressed easy when DD was a newborn and because I intended to lose weight anyway... which I did... then put back on, plus a couple of stone shock

So that is literally what I wear every single day. I work in a hospital so I wear a uniform for work. Even if I go somewhere nice or for a night out I'll just throw a jacket or lace thing over the top blush

I don't even look good. My jeans go baggy and fade and wear away between the legs after a couple of wears and all my tops are faded and have those mysterious holes around the belly button and bleach stains. I have a horrendous muffin top and weird roll of saggy fat around my hips after having DD.

Does anyone have any ideas? I am early 20s, 5'4" and size 18. I have huge boobs and a small waist so look terrible in anything baggy, but anything tight looks awful from the side as I look lumpy or pregnant.

Most how-to-dress-for-your-shape type things suggest wrap dresses, fitted shirts, bootcut jeans... it might suit my shape but it looks really old and frumpy on me, as if I'm dressing up as my gran!

I am very skint but would pay more for jeans if they wouldnt bag or fade between the legs, but I think that is just a side effect of having legs that rub together? So not much point spending much on them. I do like wearing dresses and tights but I never know what shoes to wear, I find it very difficult to find boots that fit and can't wear heels day-to-day as I walk everywhere and would fall over a lot!

Apologies for the enormous post!

Jellypudmum Tue 03-Feb-15 21:59:08


LadyB49 Wed 04-Feb-15 00:10:22

I'm much the same shape as you, just older. !!
It does get to be a chore trying to disguise the lumps and bumps. I go for longish tops, at least covering the bum. But really like mid thigh. Straightish fit cos anything too roomy hangs from the boobs and looks like a parachute. I like a longish T or top ...always with a lowish neckline, and a long shirt on top, worn open and if poss with the collar lifted upright. If a top doesn't have a lowish neckline then I use a scarf to break up that general area. Very lightweight cotton / linen jackets are great in summer. Always push the sleeves up and use a rubber band to keep sleeves in place.

Trousers are straight leg and I'm fond of ankle grazers. Sometimes jeggings but always turn up a cuff to above the ankle. Seems to look more balanced. Or else calf boots....wear flats all the time.

Jackets, pashmina and big scarves work for me, pin scarves in place if necessary. All so as not to have a big expanse of Bobby area.

This probably breaks all rules of up to date styling and could be typical mumsy style. Even if I'm doing a posh event the same basic rules pay, I just wear better and more glamorous fabrics.

Most from Outlets or eBay.

LadyB49 Wed 04-Feb-15 00:11:48

Ooooops..... booby area !!

FelixFelix Wed 04-Feb-15 00:28:19

I am 24 and the same height and size as you. I have a 13mo dd so don't have much time for deciding what to wear but I think I look ok.

For jeans on a budget, try primark. Specifically their 'push up pull in' jeans. They are amazing and cost me about 7 quid. They are skinny jeans but not too skinny, and high waisted but structured well around the waist so they really hold you in. They also don't go baggy after a few hours wear. I can get a few days out of mine unless I end up splattered in food etc grin

I have a few tops which I tend to rotate that I can dress up or down. I always look out for longer length chiffony blouse type tops with 3/4 length sleeves as I find them more flattering than long sleeves. I also have some sleeveless with a nice collar on which I can wear with a cardi or jacket. I tend to layer them up with long vest tops. Coincidentally the last two I bought were from Primark too and I've worn them loads. One is just plain black 3/4 sleeves with a chunky zip down the back and the other has slightly shorter floatier sleeves with cream lace on the shoulders. I find that I can wear them to play group or going out for lunch and I don't look under or overdressed for anything. I either wear a pair of vans or superga pumps for casual, or ballet flats/ankle boots with a small heel if I need to look smarter.

If you want to wear dresses (which I also do a lot) invest in some flat black Chelsea boots. Any dress with a pair of tights and boots tends to look good and it's an easy outfit to put together.

If you buy plain basics it's always easy to change your look by adding different scarves or jewellery etc.

Sorry I rambled a bit there shock

coffeenut Wed 04-Feb-15 07:20:57

Wow great advice from felix! Just popped on to say that really!

ireallydontlikemonday Wed 04-Feb-15 07:23:24

M&s control vests are brilliant things.

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