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TU sizing madness

(7 Posts)
dun1urkin Mon 02-Feb-15 13:57:52

Yes, I know this isn't news, but I went to Sainsburys get a pair of slim fit trousers today, having seen them on a work colleague.
I'm a solid size 13. But not in Sainsburys. Oh no, I'm in a size 10, not even squeezed in.
I think this is ridiculous. I want to tell myself that no one is daft enough to think that they will go and buy all their clothes there now because they're a good size and a half smaller. Yet the fact that such ridiculousness exists must mean that deluded idiots people fall for it! Gah!
Just wanted to get that off my chest grin

askyfullofstars Mon 02-Feb-15 15:49:30

thats really odd, I went to get a pair of work pants from Sainsburys and had to get the next size up, I was gutted.

Germgirl Mon 02-Feb-15 16:03:26

I am a lardarse, or 'plus sized' if we're being polite. I love Tu because their sizing is so bonkers that I can pretend I fit into normal sized clothes.
But yes, if you are actually really a size 16 or whatever, it must be quite annoying for the sizing to be so all over the place.

hiccupgirl Mon 02-Feb-15 16:20:06

I love the clothes there but yes, the sizing is just crazy.

Also on the larger size but have recently lost 2 stone so down to an 18 in most shops...not Sainsburys though. Their 20 is just about right in most trousers though I couldn't breathe in one pair but the 22 fell off me! Other ranges there the 20 drowns me and even the 18 is too large. I just make sure I take lots of different sizes to try on there.

dun1urkin Mon 02-Feb-15 16:27:37

hiccup I think that's even worse.
They could at least be consistently too big or too small - you know, so that once you know what size you are in there, you can just go and pick something up without having to try it on.
I don't go in very often (usually frequent asda) but I liked the clothes selection. I was actually embarrassed taking a size 10 into the changing rooms though, although clearly the woman who was working in there will have better things to think about than 'Size 10? Who is she kidding!!' grin

herbaceous Mon 02-Feb-15 16:30:44

I hear ya. I'm pretty much a 14 in trousers, anywhere else, yet a 14 in Sains is about five inches too big on the waist. But not always. I've got another pair that are very 'neat'. So, once again, everything has to be tried on just to be sure.

123rd Mon 02-Feb-15 16:35:44

Tu has Absolutely ridiculous sizing. Does make you feel a bit happier for a little bit thosmile

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