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Best non-drying lipstick?

(5 Posts)
Pippin8 Sun 01-Feb-15 21:22:41

I have quite dry lips, especially in this weather. I have Chanel, Mac, Benefit & Rimmel & they all dry me out. I don't like sticky gloss either.

Any recommendations for a long lasting, hydrating lipstick. Ideally matte.

Jenda Mon 02-Feb-15 11:47:10

Came on here to say my Mac Patisserie is the least drying one I have, but you have tried Mac. My friend swears by Bobbi Brown, might be worth trying? I also seem to remember Clinique lipsticks being quite hydrating but its been a while since I used one.

Nabootique Mon 02-Feb-15 11:56:32

I've never managed to find one that is long lasting and hydrating (although lots seem to make this claim) so go for hydrating and reapply often. I like Revlon Lip Butters.

Watching with interest!

Pippin8 Mon 02-Feb-15 17:39:44

Thanks. I've not tried the Mac patisserie one. Someone recommended a NARS matte one today so may give that a whirl.

Skinheadmermaid Mon 02-Feb-15 20:37:31

I really like the revlon just bitten chubby sticks. They last ages and don't dry out my lips at all.

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