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Where's a good pace to take a very shy friend shopping in London.

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EachandEveryone Sun 01-Feb-15 18:08:36

I love her to bits but she's not interested in making the most of herself. She's so unconfident it breaks my heart. And she's very rigid in what she likes. She never goes shopping but orders online mainly from a White Stuff. She has a lovely figure and great hair but is not interested in changing the style and has had the same granny hairdresser for 15 years. She's very happy plodding along. Her sister is getting married. It's going to be a huge do. She's actually asked me to go into town with her. London. It's progress. She likes the look of Ghost dresses but will only do knee length. I'm wondering what the plan should be. Personal shopper if so, where? She doesn't like fuss so I can't take her to anyone that's too pushy. The budget isn't an issue lucky woman

Bouncey Sun 01-Feb-15 19:12:19

Probably John Lewis. They sell Ghost and have a lovely, free personal shopping service.

Emo76 Sun 01-Feb-15 19:56:59

Yes try john Lewis. Avoid Hobbs, comptoir des cottoniers, I am sure others can add shops to that list (ones where the sales staff won't leave you to browse and/or don't have mirrors in changing room).

EachandEveryone Sun 01-Feb-15 19:59:10

I was thinking Peter Jones?

BallroomWithNoBalls Sun 01-Feb-15 20:03:18

Ah don't try to change her though. It sounds like she has a style she's happy with, so tread gently. I have a similar friend and anything too newly fashionable terrifies her - so persuade her to try naice dresses she will probably be willing to try on, then you can compliment the hell out of her but leave it up to her.

London can be quite an overwhelming place to shop even for shopping lovers!

What about heading to Westfield? They have loads of shops at all budgets including a John Lewis. You can have a chilled day with a lunch stop and make it enjoyable.

Saurus72 Sun 01-Feb-15 20:03:38

Oh yes, DEFINITELY avoid Hobbs - I really dislike their assistants, I find them both pushy, disdainful and rude. It just be a company culture/training thing as it is consistent across the branches.

John Lewis sounds like a very good idea - lots of different brands to choose from then you can go and get some soothing cake after the stress of shopping wink

Glitterspy Sun 01-Feb-15 20:07:16

Yes to John Lewis, if you went to the Peter Jones on Sloane Square you could walk down Kings Road afterwards, there are lots of lovely shops there, and cafes for a glass of wine bit of lunch.

Cakealicious Sun 01-Feb-15 20:07:33

Go to Westfields at shepherds bush. Don't go to oxford street whatever you do, it's tourist hell.

EachandEveryone Sun 01-Feb-15 20:08:56

Yes, we'll do John Lewis. I won't try to change her. I was surprised that she's gone for the personal shopper. I've assured her no one will be bursting in. It's only an hours appointment I thought any longer might be too much. Hopefully the stylist will be sympathrtic and not too on trend. I had a really bead experience in debenhams when the shopper tried to get me into clothes my granny would wear. It's amazing what people think of you really. So, does anyone have any experience of Ghost, the flagship shop? What are they like there?

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