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Please can someone help me find a nice brown leather shoulder bag?

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mytartanscarf Sun 01-Feb-15 14:18:54

Dark brown not light smile

Roomy and spacious!

Budget around £100 mark grin

Shonajay Sun 01-Feb-15 14:23:22

I got a gorgeous one by Patrick Cox, there's an eBay seller who sells used bags, think it was fifty quid. Snakeskin effect leather and a big tassel. Huge.

Shonajay Sun 01-Feb-15 14:31:14

It's similar to this except snakeskin effect and dark brow, and about twice the size.

mytartanscarf Sun 01-Feb-15 14:34:37

Aw thank you - I'm not so keen on snakeskin though (sorry!) smile

AimlesslyPurposeful Sun 01-Feb-15 14:45:19

There's one here in the Jaeger sale at just £99.00.

Or there's this one reduced from £350.00 down to £99.00.

AimlesslyPurposeful Sun 01-Feb-15 14:50:26

Or another here for just £95.00 reduced from £189.00.

mytartanscarf Sun 01-Feb-15 14:55:27

They're lovely! Thank you flowers

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