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I feel like I need a new body.

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Greengardenpixie Sun 01-Feb-15 13:09:21

Thats whati keep reading when I seethe other title on the thread. I just cant motivate myself. Everytime I start something has me caving in. I dont want to go up a dress size but im heading there. I lost loads after having my dd and was really determined. Its just a drag now. What can I do to keep my motivation? Also what do others eat as a healthy snack? I find im starving after work and fruit dosent cut it. Im also on anti depressants. Do they increase appetite? Maybe this is veering off s&b!!!

Skinheadmermaid Sun 01-Feb-15 14:24:32

No fruit won't cut it! Eat more protein; a hardboiled egg, a few slices of turkey breast or thin sliced roast beef. Even a baby bel or a cheese string (I personally hate cheese strings but others swear by them).
I lost six stone three years ago and i've kept over 5 of it off- I eat what i like on weekends, if i want to, its not a green light to stuff my face but if i fancy kfc for dinner then i go to kfc.
Also exercise helps, i've gained a lot of muscle; i actually eat more now then when i was bigger. Also exercising makes me feel better about myself so i'm less likely to sabotage my diet by overeating.
Anti depressants are also a prime cause of weight gain! (so is hormonal contraception-if you take that)
Maybe try some others and see if they help? I suffer from depression but I refuse to take any medication for it because it gives me such bad side effects. I do my best to self medicate with exercise.

PostcardsFromAbovetheChemist Sun 01-Feb-15 20:10:14

Oh I sympathize! I have to laugh when magazine etc recommend carrot sticks and the like as a healthy snack - er no!! Not going to fill the gap.

Things I find that help - as Skinheadmermaid said, exercise is great if you can find something you enjoy. If you can head out for a run after work then you may find you don't need that snack after all. You might think, I can't exercise, I'm starving, but it is actually just an energy slump and the exercise is just what you need to invigorate yourself. It also gives you a buzz and makes you feel more positive about yourself.

On a similar note, looking after your appearance in other ways, such as wearing nice clothes, styling your hair, makes you value yourself more and feel more in control of your appearance, which really helps with making healthy nutritional choices, or so I find. I battle with low self esteem and depression and this really helps me. It is akin to the thing about prisoners of war who stopped shaving being the first to die as they had given up on themselves (don't ask me where I read that, maybe Primo Levi, maybe Hello magazine hmm).

If you need a snack after work you can either borrow something from your dinner, e.g. have some toast after work and then skip the potatoes/pasta/rice with dinner, or else if you want something sugary just go with it and have a biscuit and a cup of tea when you get in, but make that your treat for the day. One chocolate biscuit won't make you put on weight if the rest of your diet is good, and a bit of chocolate each day is more manageable long term than a diet without treats.

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