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Shoes needed for a dress...

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BikeRunSki Sat 31-Jan-15 21:40:02

Following my earlier thread about a black tie dress, I am going to wear the dress I already have. The reason why I've only worn it once or twice (apart from small dc and no local family somewhat limiting going out potential) is that I've never know what kind of shoes to wear with it.

I'm not great in heels and can't wear higher than 2" (broken ankle as teenager, many bad sprains since). Huge feet - size 8 and broad.

Dress is v similar to this, but raspberry red rather than blue, with no embellishments. And it's silk/cotton not poly - but v similar shape.

Any ideas for shoes?

blodynmawr Sat 31-Jan-15 22:59:18

What about these Clarks ones?
I am on a similar hunt as have an impending black tie event, and like you cannot do very high heels. I have ordered these silver Next ones to match various blue dresses I have ordered from John Lewis.
Nice pair of Whistles silver kitten heels in Next and JL but they are way to expensivefor me!
HTH smile

BikeRunSki Sun 01-Feb-15 18:46:44

Thank you!
The Clarks ones I rather like, and have confidence in Clarks sizing that they'll fit. Don't really like the Next ones - bit teenagerey, or better flashed from beneath a long dress - love the Whistles ones but knowing Whistkes' shoes and looking at the shape, I am pretty sure the biggest size won't fit. Just as well really at £160!

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