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Skinny Jeans without Muffin Top - does such a thing exist?

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RudeBarbandCustard Sat 31-Jan-15 13:29:07

I'm stuck in a skinny jeans nightmare.

I'm a size 12, 5ft10. I have large hips, bit of a belly, but a small waist - kind of hourglass shaped.

I can't find skinny jeans which don't stop about 4 inches up from my crotch, thereby cutting off at exactly my fattest bit around the hips, causing mega muffin top.

I have another pair from Next which are a size 14, they are longer from crotch to waist, to get up around hips to my actual waist, but then they're way too baggy around my middle and I have to wear a belt which makes them bunch up.

It means that I can only wear long jumpers over skinny jeans, to hide the waist bunching / muffin top disaster.

Is there such a thing as a pair of skinny jeans that will fit me?

PrincessSmartipants Sat 31-Jan-15 13:31:38

Yeah you need high waisted ones.

I'm the same size and shape and my best fitting skinny jeans are...

Next lift slim and shape in size 12

George great bum jeans in size 12

Gap high waist skinny in size 28

PrincessSmartipants Sat 31-Jan-15 13:32:29

Hope that helps! You can find all of them on ebay too.

DeffoJeffo Sat 31-Jan-15 13:32:59

Nope! I'm very similar to you proportion wise and after trying on most pairs of skinny jeans in town I gave up, went to Gap and got a pair that give me a muffin top. It was either that or baggy skinnies! Will watch this with interest!

DameEdnasBridesmaid Sat 31-Jan-15 13:36:35

Tesco. Honest.

RudeBarbandCustard Sat 31-Jan-15 13:37:05

Oooh thank you Princess (and I see you feel my pain Deffo!)

I think my Next skinnies are the nicest I've had so far, but I went for size 14 then regretted it as they're way too baggy (I think I'd depressed myself squeezing into size 10s and got pissed off and went too far the other way thinking I was too fat for 12s)

Might try the others though. I'm so pissed off with them accentuating my hip flab and they create a spare tyre where there isn't one. The make me feel fatter than I am!

wigfieldrocks Sat 31-Jan-15 13:37:30

NoaNoa do lovely high waisted skinny jeans. I also have the Next ones mentioned above and they are fab.

RudeBarbandCustard Sat 31-Jan-15 13:38:52

I quite like the stretch of the fabric in my Next ones. They feel nice.

Never heard of NoaNoa, can you get it online? I live in the sticks, so my only actual shops nearby are Next and Debenhams.

iamelectrogirl Sat 31-Jan-15 13:39:15

I have a pair of Topshop's Joni Jeans- very stretchy and high waisted. I wear mine with normal length tops to avoid looking like a 13 year old hipster though!

Onlyonamonday Sat 31-Jan-15 13:42:51

Agree with the next lift, slim and shape ones ... Slightly stretch (but not too much) and waist covers hips but at same time are not too high waited .. I have two pairs and feel so comfortable I'm a 12-14 size and the 12s are perfect.

PrincessSmartipants Sat 31-Jan-15 13:43:53

The next lift slim and shape ones are not their standard range. They are more expensive and cut to accommodate a bum and hips - honestly they are worth a try. I have had their normal high waist skinnies which didn't fit well at all but these fit like a dream!

PrincessSmartipants Sat 31-Jan-15 13:45:05

The George great bum jeans have a . curved waistband that is higher round muffin top areas. They are very very flattering.

hoedown Sat 31-Jan-15 13:45:41

M&S do high-waisted skinnies in black and indigo (navy). Regular and long lengths available. I love them.

teacoffeesomethingsweet Sat 31-Jan-15 13:46:30

Gok wan for sainsburys. Doesn't sound very glamorous but this is my favourite pair of jeans. Excellent quality (I wear them all the time), fit and length.

RudeBarbandCustard Sat 31-Jan-15 13:47:54

I might go mad and buy one of each of these and come back and tell you what they're like!

PrincessSmartipants Sat 31-Jan-15 13:49:10

Oh and I tell you what else are good, Not Your Daughters Jeans. But they tend to be ££.

teacoffeesomethingsweet Sat 31-Jan-15 13:49:52

I'm really curious about the george ones mentioned above. I might desperately need to do some shopping at asda grin

teacoffeesomethingsweet Sat 31-Jan-15 13:51:53

Omg not your daughters jeans are fabulous. I treated myself to a pair a while ago and then got too fat for them and loved them. They're amazing.

PrincessSmartipants Sat 31-Jan-15 13:56:17

They are really lovely aren't they!

RudeBarbandCustard Sat 31-Jan-15 14:01:08

I knew you lot would come up with some great suggestions, you style geniuses you!

Never heard of Not Your daughter's Jeans - they look fab

PrincessSmartipants Sat 31-Jan-15 14:02:37

I am pissing myself at being called a style genius but thanks grin Hope you find some that fit!

RiojaHaze Sat 31-Jan-15 14:05:13

I agree with the next ones, however I wear a 10 in their normal skinnies, a 10 in M&S ones yet a 12 in these...

AyMamita Sat 31-Jan-15 14:17:04

Don't worry about waist bunching. Get jeans that fit snugly on your legs, hips and bum, and get the waist taken in at the back. Easiest way is to cut a V out of the centre back seam.

Armpitt Sat 31-Jan-15 14:18:34


dont get NYDJ - they are mum jeans

PrincessSmartipants Sat 31-Jan-15 14:19:25

I've tried that before and it only sort of works. I find it makes a the waistband so although it's tighter they sag at the back. Also if you have a large hip to waist ratio you need them to be big enough at the waist to actually go over your hips in the first place!

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