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Scarves ending up lopsided

(7 Posts)
Behooven Fri 30-Jan-15 16:17:37

I loop the scarf from from front to back and bring the long ends round the front. It starts off even but within 5 minutes the left end is way longer than the right. Why is that?

FestiveRoad Fri 30-Jan-15 16:50:11

How about if you tuck each long end through the loop before you let it hang (near your collarbone iyswim). Hopefully that would anchor it down.

fieldfare Fri 30-Jan-15 16:53:10

Make a loose loop, twist the loop and then poke the ends through the bottom hole.

FestiveRoad Fri 30-Jan-15 16:54:55

This is what I mean at about 45 seconds in

LadyB49 Fri 30-Jan-15 19:03:20

Love this link.

Behooven Fri 30-Jan-15 19:19:34

Great link, thanks

Timeandtune Fri 30-Jan-15 19:26:54

What this woman can't do with scarves isn't worth knowing Her scarves are all Hermes but the instructions work just as well for my humble scarves.

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