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Is there a product that sort of brightens your face?

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JuanPotatoTwo Thu 29-Jan-15 17:44:19

I don't mean a foundation or BB cream or anything, just some sort of moisturiser or scrub or face mask or something?

I'm not too bad at doing the old cleanse/tone/moisturise routine so skin is ok. But just recently I've noticed it looks really grey and dull. Which is a bit disappointing as I've been making an effort to drink more than I ever have, and eating better.

Any tips please?

mowglik Thu 29-Jan-15 17:46:40

Vitamin c serum should brighten up your skin

RosyAuroch Thu 29-Jan-15 17:47:43

Regular clay mask and maybe use a muslin or flannel for a regular gentle exfoliating effect.

NickiFury Thu 29-Jan-15 17:48:10

Clarins beauty flash balm. I swear by it though there are many on here who disagree. Honestly it makes a huge difference to my skin under foundation. Maybe try and get a sample first to see if it works for you, as it is quite pricey.

JuanPotatoTwo Thu 29-Jan-15 17:48:30

Thanks mowglik - any particular brand?

JuanPotatoTwo Thu 29-Jan-15 17:50:16

Oh sorry, cross posted. With the Clarin's do you use it as well as moisturiser or instead of?

NickiFury Thu 29-Jan-15 17:51:13

As well as. It's a base to use under foundation. But it just kinds of lifts and brightens everything, certainly for me anyway. I wouldn't be without it.

pieceofpurplesky Thu 29-Jan-15 17:52:50

I went to an Arbonne party and was very sceptical. Bought the Arbonne CC cream and it is amazing. And I mean really amazing. People
Have commented on my 'glow' it's a primer, colour corrector, brightener and other stuff. I am not someone who is usually won over by stuff like this but I really love it.

JuanPotatoTwo Thu 29-Jan-15 17:55:47

Thanks Nicki

That's interesting piece, will have a look.

WipsGlitter Thu 29-Jan-15 18:02:32

I used to use clarins flash balm and was always complimented on how well I was looking when I had it on.

mowglik Thu 29-Jan-15 18:06:44

Id recommend ole Henrikson collagen booster C serum but it's spendy. Currently using skin doctors triple strength vitamin c serum and that's also really good my skins been a lot clearer and brighter since using this and it was under £20

nothingwittyhere Thu 29-Jan-15 18:12:51

Try Superfacialist Vitamin C range at Boots. Bought the moisturiser when it was on offer, it brightened up my face without any obvious gleaming/shimmer. Think it's around the £17 mark?

JuanPotatoTwo Thu 29-Jan-15 18:13:47

Thank you all for suggestions, lots of things to try smile

silversixpence Thu 29-Jan-15 18:22:44

Elemis Pro illuminating flash balm makes a huge difference to my skin and smells lovely too

BallroomWithNoBalls Thu 29-Jan-15 18:45:20

Sunshine, or makeup grin

janesaysl Thu 29-Jan-15 19:01:19

I used the decleor vitamin c serum over Christmas and my skin was great....did wear off tho, I might use it again on the run up to an occasion. I bought in a gift pack but it's about £25 on its own.

Seriouslyffs Thu 29-Jan-15 19:05:35

There used to be an Agnès B abricot brightener but I can't find it anywhere.

avagosling Fri 30-Jan-15 12:14:37

Oil cleansing method is great, gently exfoliates your skin too, not stripping any natural oils off. I use Moringa oil at night and that has really helped too

auldspinster Fri 30-Jan-15 12:35:17

MAC Strobe Cream.

MinginInTheRain Fri 30-Jan-15 19:11:47

Can't say I have a wonder product to recommend... No one's ever commented on my skin (in a good way anyway)

Interested in the Arbonne cc cream piece - how do you choose the shade? Is it only online?

Would love to find something that actually works.

pieceofpurplesky Fri 30-Jan-15 19:14:36

I think it's online ming but I got mine from a colleague who sells it. I have both the fair and medium ... Winter and summer!

WottaMess Fri 30-Jan-15 19:17:19

I found using bobbi brown soothing cleansing oil (washing off) with boots botanics skin calming serum and day/night creams left my skin really great.

Mind you the botanics bb cream with bare minerals moisturising/hydrating veil thing gets comments every time grin paint on a happy face

MinginInTheRain Fri 30-Jan-15 19:53:38

Thanks for that piece - maybe that's the thing to do to get two shades and mix it up a little.

It sounds like it does a range of things - like a multi tasker!

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