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A&F jeans

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Usernamerunningout Thu 29-Jan-15 06:10:15

A&F are the only place I have found that do a 24" waist for up to 157cm height.

But they are £48 so more than I would like to spend on a rapidly growing child's clothes.

Does anyone know if anywhere else does those measurements combo?


rootypig Thu 29-Jan-15 06:17:14

What inseam are you looking for? girl or boy?

Uniqlo does long, narrow clothes. Eg their 11yo size in girls' colour skinny fit jeans lists a 22- 24 in waist, with a 29in inseam, or the 12yo has a 31in inseam (no waist measurement given). Since 157cm is 5'2" I imagine this is long enough....?

Depending on the age I'd look at their adult department too. If you're looking for a girl, the jeans are cut very straight.

Usernamerunningout Thu 29-Jan-15 06:19:58

Oops sorry helps if I specify.

It's a boy with absolutely no bum (or anything else) and ends up with a lot of excess material around the bottom.

What's inseam? Is that the cut?

I was looking at style super skinny as thinking that will have less material.

Usernamerunningout Thu 29-Jan-15 06:21:11

Ah just realised inseam is inside leg measurement! I'll check.

Usernamerunningout Thu 29-Jan-15 06:25:24

31" inseam

rootypig Thu 29-Jan-15 07:03:50

Yeah so the age 12 in Uniqlo is going to be long enough for you, they don't give the waist size in the fit guide, but 11yo is 22-24in waist (must depend on style), 29 inseam. So the 12yo 31 inseam must be 23/24/25 in waist, thereabouts.

Worth a try. I'd be tempted to try the girls' skinny fit and just not tell him! they're all pretty plain.

Anyway uniqlo is in general well priced and good quality.

rootypig Thu 29-Jan-15 07:05:31

Think there are only shops in London, but you can buy most stuff online.

Usernamerunningout Thu 29-Jan-15 20:30:21

Great thanks for that. I'll order in smile

rootypig Fri 30-Jan-15 03:32:20

Hope it works out!

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