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Where do you buy your Retin A/Tretinoin cream from?

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mjnh12 Wed 28-Jan-15 13:42:22

That's about it really. Any UK sites?

PrimalLass Wed 28-Jan-15 13:57:14

Ebay. It's from Singapore but came really quickly.

Brices Wed 28-Jan-15 15:51:36

Online pharmacy, buy it with hydroquinone as prescription only in this country

santamarianovella Wed 28-Jan-15 16:06:36

I get it from my dermatologist, I wouldn't risk getting it from anywhere else. It's not wise to use it without a proper diagnosis,

Twinklestein Wed 28-Jan-15 17:13:42


Bodicea Wed 28-Jan-15 17:31:59

So do you go to a private cosmetic dermatologist? If you don't live in London where do you start?

Florin Wed 28-Jan-15 17:38:56

GP. He gives me so much of the stuff my husband uses mine too.

Bodicea Wed 28-Jan-15 17:42:53

Is that for an actual problem? I can't see my gp taking me on if it just want to get rid of wrinkles!!!

Quitelikely Wed 28-Jan-15 17:43:59

What effect has it had on those of you who use it?

randomAXEofkindness Wed 28-Jan-15 17:52:17

Yes, why are people using it? Is it working? Do I need some...?

Bodicea Wed 28-Jan-15 17:59:17

According to almost every beauty article I read these days it is just about the only thing that works on wrinkles. There are derivative in cosmetics such as retinal etc but they are not strong enough to be effective I think.

Twinklestein Wed 28-Jan-15 18:14:49

No idea if it works. But I don't have any lines. It's supposed to be good on pores.

NormHonal Wed 28-Jan-15 18:17:16

Dermatologist and GP in the UK?

My private UK-based dermatologist said they can't prescribe it any more in the UK?

Which is a shame, because it was the best thing I have ever used on my terrible skin!

NormHonal Wed 28-Jan-15 18:18:05

Doesn't it stimulate collagen production? Hence great for spots and wrinkles.

Bodicea Wed 28-Jan-15 18:35:41

Really? What's the reasoning behind bit prescribing it anymore? Killjoys. Trying for a baby at the mo so staying away for the time being but intend to get involved big time once my baby making days are done.

mjnh12 Wed 28-Jan-15 19:03:12

Brices - what is hydroquinone and which online pharmacy?

XiCi Wed 28-Jan-15 19:29:28

You can get A313 on ebay which is similar to Avibon which was v sadly discontinued, you used to be able to buy it over the counter in France. It's a slightly lower concentration than prescription retin a so might be a good place to start

Brices Wed 28-Jan-15 20:01:56

United Pharmacies are the online pharmacy.
Obagi Nu-Derm uses 0.1% tretinoin (pea sized amount) mixed in the hand at time of application with similar amount of hydroquinone cream. It was found that this combination actually switches on the DNA which produces collagen. (This is what they told me on the Obagi course anyway...).

Obviously these are prescription drugs for reason, ideally you need to pay an aesthetic practitioner whose been on the obagi course hundreds of pounds to get your hands on the drugs.

If you look up Obagi Nu-Derm the before and after photos are great but there is a lot of downtime initial few weeks are awful, red flaking skin etc. you can find Forums where they discuss how bad it is!

You must use complete sun block 50 with these drugs. Can use lower strength tretinoin if you wish. Ideally no oil in other creams / cleansers as tretinoin doesn't like. No if pregnant.

I can never go the distance your supposed to use for 12 weeks! I use it once a week, every now and then. Skin does bloom eventually but the peeling and redness are horrific. This is were if you've paid hundreds of pounds to somebody in this country they can hold your hand, tell you this is normal, remind you to put on sunblock and if the red/peeling is too much advise you to put hydrocortisone cream on, but this is only delaying the inevitable as all that skin has to come off to get at the good stuff underneath.

Although I'm feeling cynical today the best advice is "only to be used under medical supervision".

santamarianovella Wed 28-Jan-15 21:19:13

I get mine from a dermatologist in London and I know someone who gets it from another dermatologist who is based in uk too, and yes it's the obagi one,

I can't tell if it works yet,as I'm 31 with no wrinkles ,but my dermatologist, suggests using it as a preventive treatment, you get maximum effectiveness if you use it early on,skin flakes, but then your skin gets really smooth and even toned.

Pagwatch Wed 28-Jan-15 23:12:20

Erm, - I have actually done the Obagi nu derm and it wasn't horrendous.
I had some redness and sensitivity but it was never so bad that I felt awful if needed reassurance. I went about my business with most people blissfully unaware or assuming my skin was just overly dry.
It wasn't dreadful and awful. It was pretty great actually.
I would use it again tomorrow. In fact I might.

mjnh12 Thu 29-Jan-15 09:40:55

I was going to start with Tretinoin 0.05%. I see that Obagi is 0.1% - would that be too strong initially. I do have melasma and the results with Obagi are very good.
Is Obagi the same as Tretinoin/Retin A then? confused

Brices Thu 29-Jan-15 10:31:51

Well they say that most people can tolerate 0.1% tretinoin you can go stronger or weaker depending on client. It's about £3 a tube in united pharmacies so get both see how you go. Or if you like the Obagi name on the tube cost to the practitioner is £70 and then I have to make my mark up! Crazy!!
The Obagi NuDerm kit does include glycolic acid most clients can't handle this as well to start with.
Main thing is buy the hydroquinone as well, mix them together in your hand. Don't buy ready combined in tube. Must use sunblock, Obagi have complete 50 in their kit.
Hope your one of the people who has mild dryness smile

santamarianovella Thu 29-Jan-15 11:16:47

mjnh12 I use tretinoin 0.05 ,and I mix it with a light moisturiser ,it doesn't have to be an obagi one, but it shouldn't be a heavy oil based one, but please don't just put anything on your face, without consulting with a dermatologist, these drugs are prescription only, for a reason, they are so concentrated and should only be used under the supervision of a professional,

Tinablahblah Thu 21-Apr-16 02:02:37

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SoniaDay Mon 05-Sep-16 14:38:17

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