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Had colours done (Autumn) but can't find any clothes in these colours

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Jemster Sat 24-Jan-15 20:55:03

I've had my colours done & am an Autumn. I could see how much better they made me look & so have decided to try and only buy clothes in those colours from now on. Went shopping today and couldn't find anything! I know it's meant to make shopping easier knowing your colours but what on earth do you do if you can't find the colours anywhere?!
I just want some basics for work & home to get me started as currently my wardrobe is full of black & grey which does nothing for me.
Can anyone help please?

treaclesoda Sat 24-Jan-15 20:59:50

I'm Autumn too. For a few years it was very easy because there was a lot of moss green and rusty colours in the shops, but I agree it is much more difficult at the moment.

I wear a lot of light grey, and various orangey shades of pink, if that makes sense at all, those are quite easy to get at the moment.

For brighter colours, some of the more greeny, less blue, shades of turquoise fall into the Autumn colour palette.

It gets easier actually - I had my colours done about 15 years ago and now find that although I always carry my colour swatches in my bag, every time I get them out I find that the thing I am looking at is spot on for colours, it seems that I am now always drawn to the right colours.

treaclesoda Sat 24-Jan-15 21:00:41

Gap is quite good for Autumn colours, I find.

Iwantahandbag Sat 24-Jan-15 22:34:19

I'm Autumn too and have found it difficult this season. I have been wearing greys and navy and wearing brighter scarfs in Autumn colours.

TravelinColour Sat 24-Jan-15 22:47:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RockMummy Sun 25-Jan-15 08:45:56

Sadly autumn colours are usually available in the autumn season. There doesn't even seem to be much in ivory/cream for the spring. H&M are brilliant as are Zara but I've not looked much this season.... yet.

Gillybobs Sun 25-Jan-15 09:36:10

Monsoon have lots of neutrals and soft coral and I've had a few teal tops from there previously too (I'm Spring but there are a few crossover colours)

Agree Zara generally have lots of autumn colours too

TSSDNCOP Sun 25-Jan-15 09:37:34

What are the colours you seek? I can guess but I've not done HOC so don't know your range.

BeginnerSAHM Sun 25-Jan-15 09:58:04

Massimo Dutti (more expensive Zara) has a lot of autumn colours in their new stock.... Had a mooch around yesterday.

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