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Find me some work clothes, please!

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sunnyfrostyday Sat 24-Jan-15 16:45:55

Not usually on this board, but feeling the January blues at the moment, and thinking I need to liven up my work wardrobe in the spring.

Office based, see clients daily (often recently bereaved, elderly etc so tend to go for the safe grandaughter/niece type look).

I usually wear grey or black dresses with a cardigan or jacket. Sometimes trousers. Heels or boots.

Fairly tight budget, but will shop in sales in White Company, Boden etc.

I'm just feeling a bit tired and not very glamerous.

oh, if it matters - 43 years old, 6' 5", size 10/12.

passthewineplz Sat 24-Jan-15 16:57:58

When I worked in an office, I shopped at wearhouse, french connection do nice blouses and dresses (look at their ebay outlet page), and boring next. Lol!

Karen Millan also has an ebay outlet.

Next stuff washes well, but I found most girls in the office were wearing the stuff. French connection stuff and wearhouse stuff lasted ages and is more classic. dorathy Perkins also has a nice few bits and their shoes are comfy for work

Twinklestein Sat 24-Jan-15 16:58:14

Are you really 6'5?

passthewineplz Sat 24-Jan-15 16:59:24

passthewineplz Sat 24-Jan-15 17:01:58

Missed that you're tall, I'm petite. Lol. You're more than a foot taller than me. Haha!

CoupdeFoudre Sat 24-Jan-15 17:22:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sunnyfrostyday Sat 24-Jan-15 19:03:17

sorry, 5' 6"!blush

That would be tricky...

peasandlove Sat 24-Jan-15 21:42:36

hehe was going to say you'll need some specialist help if you're that tall smile

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