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HoC Spring/CMB Clear and Warm

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BeginnerSAHM Thu 22-Jan-15 16:48:20

Hello - I couldn't see a House of Colour Spring thread around so thought I'd start a new one... Any Springs out there looking for clothes/jewellery ideas?

I've just had baby number 3 and NEED a lot of new clothes. The baby is 5 weeks old and I, stupidly, appear to have over-de-cluttered while pregnant and binned some lovely expensive designer jeans and a few other things. I am furious with myself.

So, as a starter, has anybody got any recommendations for cheap, flattering skinny jeans and then Spring coloured knitwear (pref in the sale!)!?

Don't want to spend too much as I am about half a stone over my normal non-pregnant weight still - but maternity jeans etc are falling down.

Also, does anybody have any ideas for birthday party outfits? I have a big one coming up and am planning a party in a cocktail bar in shoreditch shock. I may be being ambitious. A Wetherspoons may be more appropriate for how I feel at the moment.

I'm 5'5'' and a slimish pear. And I hate Boden prints. I like comfy clothes and am a 'natural ingenue' for those who have had their style done by HOC too. I agree with the natural bit, not convinced about the ingenue. Prefer a slightly edgier look as long as it's still quite 'pretty' (ha - not like me - am v grey, wrinkly and haggard).

I'm considering Botox too blush.

I know - a totally superficial thread. I am obviously delighted to have my beautiful new daughter and can put up with looking older than 40 wink.

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