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What do you lot wear for date nights/nights out with friends?

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GenericDietCola Wed 21-Jan-15 20:50:10

DH and I are now at a stage where we are getting the odd date night, thanks to grandparents babysitting. The problem is, I'm not sure what to wear for these occasions any more. I think I dress quite well for work and ok for casual weekends with the kids, but have a gap in my wardrobe where my 'going out clothes' should be.

So, what do you wear for a meal out or few drinks with your DP or friends?

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 21-Jan-15 20:57:25

Well, I am far from a style icon but last time dp and I went out (drinks and a meal - just a pub) I wore: v pale wash skinnies / a black wrap top / grey high heeled ankle boots / lots of silver bangles.

And the time before that I wore: black opaques, black heeled ankle boots, denim mini, black polo neck.

I usually go on the lines of mini skirt, opaques and boots, or skinnies and boots, often with a biker jacket. We don't really go anywhere dressy enough to do more than that, most of the time.

GenericDietCola Wed 21-Jan-15 21:55:18

I like the sound of those outfits, that's along the same lines as my style these days I suppose. Most of the time we go to fairly low key places, so I don't need to get too dressed up. In fact I am prob ok for dresses, it's more the sknnies/nice top combos I am lacking.

Wellieswithaholein Wed 21-Jan-15 22:48:54

Last night out- black skinnies, long black + silver vest, flying jacket and ankle boots.
Another time I wore black long sleeved floaty top and black mini skirt, biker jacket, long boots and a silver cuff.
Me and DH tend to go to pubs with live bands and real ale and I go to a cocktail bar with my dsis or friend.

MakeMeWarmThisWinter Wed 21-Jan-15 23:30:49

Get yourself some nice dark grey or black skinnies, and some kind of going out shoe - maybe a heeled shoeboot - and then you can just buy a few tops whenever you see them. H and M or Zara are good for picking up cheap nice going out tops. Easy once you've got some flattering skinnies and to me putting on heels makes you instantly feel like you're off out on the razz! And you can wear the skinnies for everyday too.

Swish up your hair and makeup too, get a highlighter and glowy primer that makes you look all zingy.

chipsandpeas Thu 22-Jan-15 08:33:53

I tend to buy a lot of tunic style dresses that I can wear with tights or leggings depending on the night out
Also jeans and a nice top is my go to these days

GenericDietCola Thu 22-Jan-15 09:54:13

I think I need some going out shoes and a couple of nicer tops!

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Thu 22-Jan-15 16:47:58

Unless it's a taxi night, I find heeled boots much easier than heeled shoes.

QueenCardigan Fri 23-Jan-15 09:35:47

I have a selection of blouses-I'd like to say they're silk but they're all polyester- which I wear with either jeans and heeled boots or black slim cropped trousers and ballet flats or heels. I've also got a couple of dresses if I need them for smarter occasions.

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