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Cosmetic breast surgery

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NoraOBrain Mon 19-Jan-15 09:57:12

Have any of you though of getting a breast surgery after you are done with having kids and breastfeeding. My boobs are in a pathetic after 4 kids in a gap of 4 years and I would like to get a lift so that they look slightly better. DH doesn't care about their shape and keeps telling me not to think of it but at times the sight of them makes me depressed. Have you felt the same. Would you get a surgery if given the chance?

AnneFlem Mon 02-Feb-15 04:24:32

Yes, I am someone who has considered and have went ahead with a breast augmentation surgery after 3 kids. If you feel like you need a lift go ahead. How old is your youngest one? Are you still breastfeeding. If yes, then you will have to wait, because according to my surgeon Dr. Marcus Niessen ( ) one should wait for 3 months after lactation to undergo the surgery.

velourvoyageur Mon 02-Feb-15 07:17:05

I don't think there's anything wrong with it and if I were unhappy with my breasts I wouldn't hesitate. I would hope no one would feel guilty or ashamed about cosmetic surgery. It's hard to know why we feel the way we do about our bodies though- outside pressure or genuine personal preference?

But I'm a bit concerned that you describe them as pathetic. I'm sure you look lovely. 4 in 4, you need a medal smile
Good for your DH but if you do decide to go ahead then I'd hope he'd support you and make you feel good about it.

penguinplease Mon 02-Feb-15 07:53:53

Hi, I had surgery last wk. Already it's the best thing I've ever done. I agonised for yrs.
If you want to do it, just do it!!

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