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Can anyone recommend socks with comfy soles !!

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LadyB49 Sat 17-Jan-15 18:04:30

I wear socks with decent quality shoes every day and buy decent quality socks, usually from TK Maxx or M & S. Shoes are walking shoes, sketchers, or leather (flat) boots. Anything close fitting and dainty/stylish is for high days and holidays.

My problem is that I find the soles of my feet at the heel often feel as if I am walking/standing on sandpaper regardless of what footwear I am wearing.

My feet are looked after, no lumps of hard skin or the like. I have skinny feet and all my lift have used insoles for comfort but recently, even with insoles, find the bottoms of the heels uncomfortable. Not pain, just an element of discomfort. Yes, there is an element of arthritis around the big toe joint but no such problems at the heels.

Has anyone else been aware of this?

Can anyone advise of really comfy soled socks. Most of my everyday footwear will allow a little space. It would be great to hear of recommendations where someone has had a good experience. I'm spending a fortune on socks that aren't making a difference.

Would love to know of socks that weren't thick all over, just had comfy soles.

PulpsNotFiction Sat 17-Jan-15 18:26:50

I've got some which have a padded sole, from M&S I think. Very comfy, kids keep nicking them though! I've had them from primark too but they weren't as good.

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