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where can i buy lovely enamel bangles?

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saturnian Thu 15-Jan-15 23:05:41

they're pretty hard to find! not hermes expensive ones as i tend to lose them grin but that kind of thing!

TheCraicDealer Thu 15-Jan-15 23:36:40

Kate Spade and Anna Lou do them- although not sure if the latter are still trading!

I'm off to google.

BeaLola Fri 16-Jan-15 00:21:26

Halcyon Days in the sale

BlairWaldorfLovesShopping Fri 16-Jan-15 09:12:22

Astley Clarke do loads.

southeastastra Fri 16-Jan-15 21:44:20

halcyon days too expensive but nice, astley clarke too boring

i did order a hipanola bracelet in a whim

Littlehomebird Fri 16-Jan-15 22:06:31

I have a lovely enamelled bangle by Michaelmas frey- I've had it for 25 years, still available e bay

LinusDKD Sat 17-Jan-15 06:52:27

Tokyo Jane do enamel bangles but I'm not sure who sells them.

honeypie10 Sat 17-Jan-15 06:53:34

Halcyon days were in the sale at john lewis. some lovely colours too.

Saurus72 Sat 17-Jan-15 13:23:49

Oh no, I've just looked at the bangles on the Halcyon Days website (never heard if this company before) - they are completely gorgeous and no I have a major case of the wants hmm

BeaLola Sat 17-Jan-15 19:41:28

I suggested Halycon days as I bought one in the sales from them last summer for £29 and it is lovely

shopafrolic Sat 17-Jan-15 19:45:21

Tokyo Jane bangles are a much cheaper alternative with lots of widths, colours and styles. They are on the Dressing Room's website. Google the Dressing Room St Albans (I can't link from my iPad for some reason).

frankietwospots Sat 17-Jan-15 23:02:44

Not sure if it's what you're after but Joules have a load of enamel bangles in their sale.

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