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Black tie party - will this dress do?

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Gizboss1 Thu 15-Jan-15 15:09:34

Hi ladies,
My friend is turning 50 and has hired a lovely hotel for a party at the end of Jan. The invitation says 'Black tie and posh frocks' so I have ordered my DH a tux from M&S and am now trying to sort myself out. I have this dress
which I got in the sale before Xmas and it is nice and quite classy I think, but is it posh enough for this kind of event or do I need something long? I don't get invited to things like this very often and have no clue!

I could probably afford to spend about £60 if the general opinion is that it's not dressy enough. I am 39, dark brown hair, a curvy size 10 (big boobs) and 5'8.

If you think it's ok, any idea on shoes? I have some black court high heels, very plain but quite comfortable but would maybe want to get something nicer, although I have to be careful, I have a dodgy back so can't do crazy high or unstable shoes as we will definitely be dancing!

Appreciate your thoughts....

Oly4 Thu 15-Jan-15 15:18:24

It's a lovely dress and I would wear it to a black tie do with a smart clutch bag and some stroppy diamanté sandals. I don't think you need to buy a new dress, just buy a clutch and some shoes that you will have chance to wear again, such as to a wedding. Check out Dune for sandals if you don't have any already. I'd wear silver/gold sandals and take a cream or silver/gold clutch. And some dazzling earrings would make the whole outfit 'black tie'

UrchinMadeOfAcne Thu 15-Jan-15 15:19:02

The dress itself is lovely...

However, I would be tempted to go all out, and get something spectacular. Especially if your DH is in a tux (and you can afford it). You want to wow!

Your figure sounds amazing and I don't think you would be doing it justice in that dress (lovely though it is)

I would go for something like this if I were you.

2cats2many Thu 15-Jan-15 15:19:24

Looks good to me.

UrchinMadeOfAcne Thu 15-Jan-15 15:19:40

...but then I love a bit of drama grin

SinglePringle Thu 15-Jan-15 15:23:47

I wouldn't wear silver or gold with it - a bit dated IMO. I'd go for black heels as high as you can wear but ones with black sparkle or black spikes / studs to add interest.

Gizboss1 Thu 15-Jan-15 15:30:39

Urchin, thanks for your response - I love that dress and fancy 'wowing' especially as I haven't seen a lot of the people who will be at this party in ages and have lost quite a bit of weight since then so would be nice to show it off a bit...

However, just looked at the reviews and some are saying that the dress is quite cheap looking in real life, plus it's custom made and no returns if any problem. Any other thoughts for dramatic dresses that I can get online, quickly and return if necessary anyone???? Oh dear, now on a mission for the perfect dress...

BackforGood Thu 15-Jan-15 15:31:46

I think it's a really nice dress, but it doesn't say "Black Tie Do" to me.
I went to a Black tie do in the Autumn, the first I'd been to in probably 15 years, and peopler weren't all weabe the sort of place you need to look if want something a bit special but don't have �� to spend.ring long, there was a mix, but people were all wearing something rather 'special'.

So, it depends on your finances as to whether you should buy something else - although the fancier the dress, the more likely to are going to be able to get one 2nd hand, as peole try to recoup money they've spent on something to only wear once. I don't know about e-bay, but some areas have specialist shops that sell designer / fancy clothes 2nd hand, or we have a charity shop near us that has a special section upstairs that sells wedding outfits / prom dresses / etc, which may well.

That would be ok if you dont want to spend, but, if you are splashing out on a tux for dh, then if it were me I'd want something really fancy too.

BackforGood Thu 15-Jan-15 15:33:37

What ???
Seems to have eaten half my post in the middle ?!? !?!

What I originally typed was

*people not all wearing long, there was a mix

UrchinMadeOfAcne Thu 15-Jan-15 15:37:34

especially as I haven't seen a lot of the people who will be at this party in ages and have lost quite a bit of weight since then defo need to get something 'wow'

Off to have a look!

Gizboss1 Thu 15-Jan-15 15:42:55

Mmm... think I need to try to find something nicer. Now have had another thought, it's my 40th next month, we are going to Barcelona for a few days to celebrate and going to a very nice michelin restaurant. I was planning to buy something for this so think that I could justify buying myself something special that I could wear for both, thus extending my price range quite a bit. So, where do I look for very special dresses that you could wear to both kinds of places? Short or long, if I were to extend my price range up to £200.

Any suggestions welcome. Maybe I need to start a new thread...

UrchinMadeOfAcne Thu 15-Jan-15 15:46:13

Do you have any other criteria?

Length of sleeve (sleeveless / spaghetti strap / capped / 3/4 length), type of neck (halter / cowl / high / V), shape of dress (A line / fishtail / Grecian) etc. Its hard to look for something when unsure of the preferences, but I found these:

Monsoon red

blue one


House of Frazer

UrchinMadeOfAcne Thu 15-Jan-15 15:47:27

Oooh! £200!! Thats a whole new ballgame!!


Let me know if you start a new thread, also let me know what you think of the ones I posted, what is the most like your style, so I can have another search

Bohemond Thu 15-Jan-15 15:57:33

I think the dress you have is wonderful - and will work for both the party and the Barcelona restaurant. Suggest you spend the spare money on the 'stroppy' sandals suggested by Oly grin

UrchinMadeOfAcne Thu 15-Jan-15 16:21:29

how about this?

Gizboss1 Thu 15-Jan-15 16:39:18

Thanks all for your responses. I'm still toying with what to do, I could wear my existing dress for the party with great shoes, though if I could find something that would work for my birthday as well I'd go for it. Definitely buying something for my birthday anyway.

I really like some of those dresses on the House of Fraser site Urchin. There seem to be a lot of long dresses out there that would probably fit the bill. I prefer sleeveless, could do strapless or off the shoulder too as have fab scaffolding bra but couldn't do anything backless as scaffolding won't hold! Quite like the fishtail or more elegantly fitted look. Am also wondering about a shorter but still special dress as would this be more usable again? Are longer dresses somehow less appropriate for restaurants?? Honestly, I haven't been out to anything exciting since my daughter was born so I'm very out of touch. I'm also thinking that I might need to go and try on, I am in London so could potentially do this at the weekend if I have an idea of dresses that might be in the shops. Any further suggestions very welcome, this is really helping.

UrchinMadeOfAcne Thu 15-Jan-15 16:51:58

Do you like 50's style prom dresses?

UrchinMadeOfAcne Thu 15-Jan-15 16:57:39

Oh my. Just found a wonderful website - the dresses on here are amazing, I love them.

Not sure its what you're looking for, though. More fun than fancy.

shadesofwinter Thu 15-Jan-15 17:18:13

Personally I wouldn't wear a long dress to a restaurant. I think the dress in your OP would be perfect for that though. I'd be looking for a cocktail dress for the black tie do. Let me have a look

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Thu 15-Jan-15 17:26:42

Yes to the blue dress in the OP.

I hate that black thing, sorry. I think you'd look as if you were in fancy dress.

A ballgown in a restaurant would look silly, I think.

Nice and simple LBD

shadesofwinter Thu 15-Jan-15 17:35:44

New to posting links - hope this works!

This is nice and could be worn to a lot of different events. And is a bargain.


I like this but would need to try on; it may not look smart enough.

Another purple one.

I'd wear any of these to either event smile

BackforGood Thu 15-Jan-15 17:54:56

I really like Urchin's shopping

<Wonders if I could employ her as my personal shopper when I have to do the horror that will be dd1's prom dress shopping> wink

UrchinMadeOfAcne Thu 15-Jan-15 18:16:02

Thanks, Back. Would be happy to help!

I just love things that are outlandish and fabulous and don't have the body or confidence to wear myself

Gizboss1 Thu 15-Jan-15 18:29:20

Wow you are all so lovely helping me out!
Shades I love that black cocktail dress and the purple Ralph Lauren -may have to see if I could try on. The final purple dress link didn't work though.

Remus - love the black dress too...I can see that I could wear that a lot to a lot of events.

Urchin - I'm not sure about the 50s dresses for this though, I agree, they are very fun! I still really like your original dramatic suggestion actually.

Feel as though I'm getting closer to the right thing - cocktail dress seems to be the way to go. Any other suggestions very, very welcome.

shadesofwinter Thu 15-Jan-15 18:44:26

I think this was the other purple one, but you seem to prefer the 'sleeker' dresses, so this is prob not as suitable!

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