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any bra experts? bra intervention help needed please

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ninawish Tue 13-Jan-15 20:08:32

Hello I'm hoping a bra interventionist can help me out. grin

I measured myself and am wanting to order a new bra now. I measured 29.5 underneath 35 hanging down

I make that a 30DD??

I have one bra and have been uncomfortable for at least 10 years in my bras probs more like 20 - anyway yday morning to this one bra which is a 32b I moved it to tightest fastening on band and pulled the straps tighter then I scooped and pulled all skin and tissue into the cups. OMG! I was spilling out from cups with a cleavage and spilling out at sides with underarm fat (I'm a skinny size 8) in fact spilling out everywhere - so I definitely need a smaller band but bigger cups.

What amazed me though was how much more comfortable I felt but more how much better I look. I can't believe this!! It changed the shape of my whole upper body and it's not even the right size more the scooping effect - waist smaller, no droopy flat chest and generally deportment better plus look younger. Unreal. So a well fitting bra in the right size is going to be so much better.

The problem I have is I'm in Australia and ordering from Bravissimo which is expensive and will be tricky to return I think (no good bra places where I am) so want to check if a 30DD sounds a good start or should I go down to a 28 and up the cup size? I'm thinking a 28 may be uncomfortable??

Breasts are flat at top and low down on chest with most fullness at bottom of cup but with the scooping seems to be a LOT of tissue and skin under arms and to sides of ribs (never knew this was here before!)

Thanks in advance any help much appreciated.

Yup, that would be a starting size of a 30DD. Brastop sometimes do free international delivery. It's possible you might like a 28 in some styles, but the 30s shouldn't be huge and your breasts won't be that heavy (compared to say someone in a J cup who would stretch the band faster and might need it even tighter for lift IYSWIM?)

From what you've said, you need a good couple of cup sizes up so the DD sounds about right. It sounds like your breasts are quite wide and bottom heavy so I would suggest a wide and shallow balconette/half cup shape. Something like the Freya Patsy, Fauve Half cups, bravissimo half cups, Cleo juna, curvy kate ritzy etc.

ninawish Tue 13-Jan-15 23:34:51

oooh I was hoping you would see this Statistically thank you

I haven't looked at brastop so will try there smile

Yes I do see what you mean re the band size and heaviness

I will have a look at all those styles you mentioned.

Much appreciated thanks

ninawish Tue 13-Jan-15 23:35:17

I'll report back too grin

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