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any recommendations.. silver colloidal for face / rash / blemishes

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alltoomuchrightnow Tue 13-Jan-15 18:47:03

Never used before but keep hearing about it and have a bit of money saved up in Paypal now so could order some
Any recommendations ? What's best, powder or liquid (or other?)
Not even sure if it would help,but worth a try. (?)
I get what is almost definitely hormonal rash/ blemishes about chin but also top lip and under nose. I also got into a bad habit of plucking hairs off top lip and wish I'd never started as they were hardly noticeable and quite fine/fair (and not a huge amount) but now I feel i have to shave or pluck them as I hate them coming through blunt . This made things red and flared up so I tried various products with salicylic acid inc homemade aspirin mask and obviously had a bad reaction as skin has been much worse since then and irritated. Have also tried Sudocrem, Bepanthen, germolene , lavender oil (another bad reaction) etc etc etc. No difference. So I'm having to pile on the concealer (along with foundation and powder) and underneath it's just as horrible. I've also used that overnight usage powder from BareMinerals which just makes me super shiny and does nothing for my skin at all...actually seems to be drying
Is the silver ok for very sensitive partly oily but prone to odd dry bit, skin?
Have had Mario Badescu buffering lotion recommended on here and still want to try ... if that was you oh kind MNetter , please could you tell me best place to buy from? ( i can't find that thread)

alltoomuchrightnow Tue 13-Jan-15 18:49:23

also every time i pluck or shave top lip it gives me antiseptic applied before or after seems to change this. Hair wouldnt even be long enough to wax so am annoyed i ever started doing this.. sigh... I used an ingrown hair lotion but as this has aspirin in it it caused the worst irritation

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