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Bras for 13 year old daughter

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CalicoBlue Mon 12-Jan-15 19:34:45

My daughter has been wearing bras for a couple of years now. We have always gone to M&S, taken a selection from the Angel range and I have fitted them for her.

I think she needs a bigger size, though she cut all the labels out of her bras so I do not know and can't remember her size.

We went to M&S on Sunday and had an unfortunate experience with the fitting room assistant interfering and taking the bars off me and saying that I should not have chosen wired bras from the Angel range for DD. We ended up not trying any on nor buying any. DD now does not want to go back to bra shopping at M&S. I thought I would get some online and fit them at home.

Forgetting M&S, which brand do a good teenage range? I think she is 28A or 28B.

slug Mon 12-Jan-15 19:36:23

John Lewis do nice bras for teenagers. DD is 13 and much prefers them to her M&S ones

StatisticallyChallenged Mon 12-Jan-15 19:46:05

John Lewis are one of the few which do the full range of 28 bands - a lot of companies skip at least the C cup and often the B cup too. Debenhams for example do AA,A, then D hmm

May I suggest feeding her up grin Life becomes much easier in a 28 band once you're over a D cup!

mysteryfairy Mon 12-Jan-15 21:19:31

Will she let you measure her? Over a crop top or existing bra maybe? 28a would suggest she is extremely flat chested - is that right? If not find one of the bra intervention threads and follow that.

My DD who turned 13 this week is a d cup (measured and fitted in debenhams) and I wouldn't say she has a massive chest at all as obviously a d cup in a small back size is just not that big.

42bunnytails Mon 12-Jan-15 21:29:34

I suspect a 28/30 D would fit my 13yo better than her 32Cs (some of which, shock horror are wired), but a D sounds really big to her and she won't try one.

I don't think she'd let a shop measure her. She might let me, but I'm hopeless, I can't come to a sensible answer for myself.

DD1(16) let M&S fit her when off with her mates. Their C cup is probably wrong, but like me she finds bra interventions go down a band sizes a waste of money because you throw them across the room within a couple of hours.

CalicoBlue Mon 12-Jan-15 21:49:51

I just measured her and compared her measurements to a website giving advice on measuring teenagers. She is 28 under her breasts and 31 on. According to this site she would be a 34C. Which is nonsense, she is comfortably wearing a 28A (I think). I am a 32DD and she is much smaller than me.

VenusRising Mon 12-Jan-15 22:13:15

Calico you need a bra intervention MN style. No way is she a 34 if she's 28 around her ribs.

post again asking the bra intervention ladies to suggest what size your dd is and some styles which will suit her.

mysteryfairy Mon 12-Jan-15 22:38:10

I think she needs to try 28c, 28d, 30b and 30c. I'm guessing you won't be able to find 28c but I think you could order all the rest from debenhams.

CalicoBlue Mon 12-Jan-15 22:56:37

mysteryfairy Thank you I will.

GarethCanFOff Tue 13-Jan-15 00:00:26

I think mysteryfairy has it right there with the measurements. Don't forget if the cup is too small the band will feel too tight. I don't know if you have seen this sight

It was an eye opener to me. I have been wearing the wrong size bra all my life til recently (I went from 38 A/B to 32 D/DD. I had tried 36B when I was younger and found them too tight, and generally uncomfortable, so I went up to a 38 band, but now I know it was because I was not in the correct size so it just didn't sit properly). I would consider myself fairly small chested.

If she is reluctant to try bigger cup sizes maybe you could tell her that the cup size is in relation to the band size. A C or D cup in a small band is not the same as a C or D cup in a bigger band. There is some pictures here of different cup sizes in different bands that show this

Good luck in your search. Great she has a mother to help her out with this. House of Fraser might be another option to buy bras from, though they have a sale on at the moment and are sold out on some of the sizes.

Ihearthickson Tue 13-Jan-15 00:19:48

Got my 11 year old 28c bras in John Lewis a couple of weeks ago. They are the only high street store I could find that stock that size. Very nice sales assistant. Oh and she's tiny. You'd never think a c cup.

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